Monday, August 20, 2007

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    Sunday, August 19, 2007

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    If you have any Questions or suggestions regarding this Blog please Feel Free to send it through Contact Form below.Thank you for your support !!!

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    Saturday, August 18, 2007

    About Me

    Hello everyone,

    Hi everyone, The Fact that you are on this Page means that you are trying to find out more about me, and I Feel very Honored for that.and I am always looking to make more Friends, Add me on msn Messenger if you think we could be friends. :D

    Well, i think there’s a need to have a penname for blogging, thus I decided to Call myself “Adminstrator“.

    Something about me :

    I am a 22 year old guy from Karachi,Pakistan,The Guy behind this Blog.You can call me,Haroon. As a typical Karachi Guy,I have been Taught how Education Qualifications is important to one’s future Since Childhood. However,Since I have a mind of myself, all that is Crap and Bullshit. One future does not relies on the Person’s Education Qualifications, It relies mainly on the person’s mindset. “You must have the Correct mindset and Attitude”, that is what I Strongly Believe in. And I will be Working Hard to what I Believe. Afterall, Everyone can choose their Own path.

    Do you want to Know more about me,Well then I am that type of person that tried to influence people to what I am doing. (E.g this program is about Making Money,I will try to give people the methods and resources on how this program is making money and help them to make money)

    But Since then,I realised that I am wrong. Not everyone has the same Interests and If you have no Interest or Passion in Money Making,It’s Useless for me to share anything with you. If a person has no interest in starting a website, even with all the resources and plans, It won’t Start on its Own and This can be Consider one of the Most Important things that I have Learned in life.

    Currently, I am running this Blog for Last 2 Years and seriously,I do not want to spend Rest of my Life living day by day, doing nothing that will Benefit me in Future. I realised that that are hell lot of things that you can achieve in 2 years.

    Everyone has their own path and each path is different. Every individual path will then lead to different results. That’s why life is so exciting and fun. It’s time for me to set my own path, Instead of just looking or Admiring other’s path.

    My Interests :

    I love to Browse Internet Looking for Latest Technology and Find Latest Electronic Stuff which looks Cool and Awesome like Laptops,Desktop Computers,Digital Camera's,DVD Players ETC and I am also One of the Greatest Fan of Harry Potter Book Series and Sometimes when I am not Busy I also write Fanfictions on Website regarding Harry Potter Series.I also have a passion for Web Designing and Development and have been doing so till now ( for around 5 + years ).
    I like the feeling of creation. Also, I am very Interesting in Online Businesses ( should it be ecommerce, social network sites, blogs, forums) , so if you have any great ideas or proposal that you are looking for Partnership, you can Contact Me too, I will be a Great help and Asset in Developing the Idea and I have a Positive Attitude. Currently,I have little experience in running a business, but i will be working hard towards this industry.

    What is this Blog all about ?

    This blog is started in January 2007, and is Targeted at Free Money Making Opportunities. This Blog started out as an Experiment of mine to learn more about blogging and various ways to Monetize a Blog and make Passive Income from it.

    In most of the Articles here,I will be sharing my Experiences in webmastering, web developing and Designing, and any other things regarding to starting a website. This blog also act’s like a personal logbook of mine, to note down all my knowledge and Tips about Blogging, so that Next Time if I forget or want to recap anything, I can just browse and search for it under this url rather than flipping through pages in my Notebook.

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