Thursday, February 28, 2008

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    Wednesday, February 20, 2008

    Ashop Award Winning Shopping Cart Software!

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    Sunday, February 17, 2008

    Commenting on other forums: Things to avoid

    I have been hammered right from when I started blogging that putting comments on like minded forums will result in getting a higher traffic for your forum. This is of course true, but even in this there are some rules to follow and some things to avoid. Remember the forum users are also individuals like yourself and your conduct in any forum should be similar to your conduct during meeting any other person - you should never forget etiquette.

    • Username in a forum: Your username in a forum should be human like only. You should avoid using names like moneymaker, moneyspinner etc., that give impression that you are not a serious contributer but an opportunist. As far as possible use your real name or at least use a human name, if you are uncomfortable disclosing your true identity.

    • Terse comments: While in a community don't give terse one word comments like Good, Bad, etc., just to add to your number of comments. This also puts a question mark on your seriousness. You should always participate fully in the discussions and any half hearted participation gives a feeling of alienation to the other users and moderators can even ban your id from further participation.

    • Your Blog URL: You should only add a link to your blog in the post only if its relevant to the subject matter or you want people to read a particular post that has similar subject. Do not put in the link even of the topic being discussed has no relation to the subject matter of your blog.

    • Make comments only after reading the other posts: This has been seen that some people will make comments just by reading the topic and without bothering to read other comments. This leads to a situation when the same comment is being repeated over and over again by different users and this adds no value to the discussion. Some forums have been very strict on this and have banned people just because of this.

    • Consistency: Some people are known to put in their comments diligently in the beginning but lose interest once their names start figuring in the top contributors. This smacks of egoistic nature and should be avoided. Remember that you are dealing with humans here and you should follow the normal behavior which you will do when dealing with actual people.

    • Impersonation: This almost borders on criminal behavior when you put in your comments in a blog but use the name of a rival blog or website. This is to be discourages at all costs and if you find someone doing it please report this to the forum moderators.
    Therfore, Think before you post anything...

    If you liked this post that please do put in your comments and subscribe to the blog's RSS feeds to know whenever I update the blog with a new post.


    Talkgold Sold by Brian Krassenstein

    id anyone see that Talkgold HYIP, Investment & Money Forum sold for the high 6 figures? $500,000 - $900,000 by Brian Krassenstein and whatever company he was behind?

    Goes to show you how much money is in content driven forums like this one. Article can be found at:

    Emprezio Inc, Brian Krassenstein, and Others Make Large Website Sales

    Affiliate Marketing And Article Writing For Profit

    While this is not a new method by any stretch of the imagination, I have put my own spin on it and want to share it with others looking for something similar. I recently read a very basic article on using product reviews to make affiliate profits.

    The basics are in this paragraph, surf to find out the top sellers for expensive products, choose the most popular one and write a review for it and provide affiliate links to the product, in the resources section of the article, or provide a link back to a website where you can provide your affiliate links. Create numerous versions of the article using keyword anchor text and submit it to the top article sites. Sit back and see what happens.

    Here enters my spin on it...I am a member of many of the major affiliate networks and after choosing a product that earned well on the network, decided to create a brand new website. Feel free to visit it here so you can see where I'm going and see the example.

    Rosetta Stone

    If you take a look I was able to not only provide a lot of content, I was also able to include adsense coding on the page, as well as an Ebay auction link along with my affiliate link for the actual product itself. It is only a 1 page site, but I have also made it fully ready for SERP as well. The next step was to write the article which was a basic review of the software itself, and provide the link to this site as the reference material. I have noticed that within a day of submitting a new article whatever site is referenced gets hit by many of the SE bots. Try either method out for yourself, but both do actually work.

    Good luck all.

    How to Get Indexed by Google

    I see a lot of people complaining that their sites are not after months of going live. I just launched a new site (LolDawgz) Wednesday evening. It’s a blog, and I did spend some time preparing posts prior to launching the site so that I would have several posts on the day it launched. I’m happy to say, the site was indexed by Google, with a few backlinks showing, in under 24 hours after I followed all 10 of the tips below on my “fast seo checklist”.

    I’d like to share these tips and tricks with my readers here and for anybody who is interested in learning how to get your site indexed fast. This is not the first site I’ve had indexed that quickly, in fact, every blog or site I launch, or launch for a client has been indexed in 24-48 hours. Please remember what I statedin the paragraph above, that I had already created several posts worh of content prior ro registering the domain, installing Wordpress and launching the blog. I’ve gotten into the habit of launching new sites this way because I had a few bad experiences in the past with sites getting indexed while they were still parked or while they had no content on them. this can easily lead to a site getting for months (which is not a fun thing).

    Tips for Getting Indexed By Google

    #1 ) Use and add your RSS feed to Feedburner.
    #2 ) Submit an article from your blog or website to Netscape
    #3 ) Submit your site to Technorati and learn to tag your posts.
    #4 ) Submit your blog to BlogCatalog and MyBlogLog
    #5 ) Digg (or have someone else) Digg a post from your site
    #6 ) Submit your site to Stumbleupon
    #7 ) Post your link into the “Reviews” folder at DigitalPoint Forums
    #8 ) Add yor site to the Google Webmasters Console
    #9 ) Submit a photo album to Flickr and add your URL in your profile
    #10 ) Add your site to a few blog directories like BlogRateDirectory
    #11) Add Google Adsense to your site
    #12) If you’re a blogger, submit your articles to Recommend Us
    #13 ) Post on forums and add your site to your signature. A good list of forums is here Best Forums For Social Networking and Gaining Backlinks

    Things to avoid:

    #1 ) Bulk directory submissions such as “submit express” - you will only end up with an inbox full of spam

    #2 ) Don’t spam your site to things like Adlandpro or craigslist
    #3 ) Don’t spam other peoples blogs or forums
    #4 ) Do Not use pre-written articles or otherwise duplicate content
    #5 ) Do not use email spam to promote your site.
    #6 ) Do not stuff your site with hidden keywords. Read this article from Matt Cutts - SEO tip: Avoid keyword stuffing

    ***Please note: if you’re running a spammy site with crap content or a doorway page to an affiliate program, forget about these tips.

    Oh no, I think I just gave away the best tips from all those crappy E-Books you might buy on Clickbank for *free* !!!!

    Boost Your Website Pagerank - Link To This Free Directories

    All the free directories have a PageRank ranging from 1 to 6 and are SEO friendly.

    List of over 500 Free Directories

    Linkrain Articles

    Ucash - monetize your links!!!

    I just found this new way to monetize our links!

    What is

    Every day millions of links are posted in forums, emails, chat, social networks and websites. provides the ability to combine three important aspects, social bookmarking, a url service that converts long url links into shorter url links, and a service that turns your existing links and new links into cash!
    Great for bloggers, forum users, webmasters, business users and more. makes it easy and simple to get paid for posting and sharing links.

    Turn Links into Cash

    When your Ucash links are clicked on, you make revenue from a redirect that can be an interstitial or top frame type advertisement. The current Revenue Sharing Rate (RSR) is $1 US for every 4000 top banner ad impressions, and $1 US for every 2000 intermission ad impressions .

    Social Bookmarking

    Use as a personal bookmarking service to save your favorite links online in one place. Bookmark links to your favorite website, news articles, music, classifieds, auctions or friends and family social networking profiles. The possibilities are endless, just use your imagination and link the whole internet with Ucash!

    Short URL Service

    A longer url will often break when added to pre-formatted forms such as comments and emails. This often becomes a hindrance to effectively sharing information.

    It has a 10 level referral earnings and the payments are made in PayPal, Epassporte or MoneyBookers.

    Payments are made every 15th of the month when users meet the required minimum payout balance of $15 US.

    Increase your traffic by exchanging links

    Hey everyone,

    Anyone having a website/blog is welcome to exchange links with me.

    To move further on that, I am on a million rank by alexa, so any website/blog with an alexa rank below 1.5 million is most welcome.

    Send me a mail at "" and put my link "" on your website/blog with the title "Internet Earning Opportunities Blog".

    Put it and send me a mail telling me your link and title to be put on my site under "Link Exchange" heading, your link will be added within 24 hours.

    Critical AdSense Mistakes You MUST Avoid

    Help! Google banned me from the AdSense program!” This is a common cry that you will hear on AdSense related forums. Yet another person who failed to read and adhere to the Google AdSense program policies. It happens every single day. Will it happen to you? The worst mistake you can possibly make in the Google AdSense program is not reading the rules, or not adhering to those rules. So, if you have not already done so, stop what you are doing, and go read the Google AdSense Program Policy, as well as the Webmasters Guidelines that Google has provided. These are found within your Google AdSense account.

    Other than breaking the rules and getting banned, there are also numerous mistakes that people make that cause them to fail with Google AdSense. The biggest mistake is failing to do research before choosing a topic for your site. If you’ve chosen a topic that few people are interested in, you will fail. It won’t matter how nice or informative your site is or how hard you work to promote it. If people aren’t interested, they aren’t going to search for it, and they aren’t going to visit.

    Read full article on:

    Critical AdSense Mistakes You MUST Avoid | RichBeaver - The truth behind sales letters

    Yuwie - (Social Networking Service That PAYS!)

    In brief, your money earning system work by PageViews system.

    What actually counts as a paid page view?

    When anyone views any of these pages, it counts as 1 page view for you:
    your profile page
    your blog pages
    view all your friends
    view all your comments
    your picture pages
    your video pages
    if someone views one of your shared layouts

    When you view any of these pages, it counts as 1 page view.

    any of your control panel pages, including but not limited to: settings, messaging, friends, referrals, favorites, etc.

    The following does not count as a page view:

    Refreshing/reloading a page
    Any page that's viewed within 3 seconds of the last page doesn't count


    Referrals spans to 10 levels.

    Level - Your Percentage
    You 10%
    1 10%
    2 10%
    3 4%
    4 4%
    5 4%
    6 4%
    7 4%
    8 10%
    9 10%
    10 30%


    How much can I make?
    A: We can't say exactly, but here's an example of what could happen. The chart below assumes you refer 3 people, and those 3 people refer 3, then those refer 3, through 10 levels, and each referral gets 1000 page views for the month, and the month's RSR is $0.50.

    This Is Huge, Daddy's Birthday Giveaway Has Launched!

    The Biggest Giveaway In The World Just Hit The Scene!

    Odinn Sorensen's "Daddys Birthday Giveaway" has
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