Friday, December 26, 2008

    Giveaway of the Day --- Where you can Download Premium Software for Free.

    Giveaway of the Day

    Giveaway of the Day --- Where you can Download Premium Software for Free.

    Yesterday I was surfing The Internet for The Online Stuff Which I can bring for my Subscribers and Blog Readers and while searching I came accross this Web site which is Know as

    Giveaway of the day is a win-win solution for both publishers and clients.

    The idea behind this initiative is that many sites and publishers offer trial downloads; but only we offer giveaway downloads. What does that mean?

    Basically, every day we nominate one software title that will be a Giveaway title of that day. The software will be available for download for 24 hours (or more, if agreed by software publisher) and that software will be absolutely free. That means - not a trial, not a limited version - but a registered and legal version of the software will be free for our visitors*.

    The software product will be presented in its full functionality, without any limitations save for those mentioned in Terms and Conditions.

    The download link will remain on our web-site for the agreed period of time, together with the review of the software product and the information about other products from the software publisher presenting the giveaway title.

    Both reviews and the information on the product line will remain active even when the Giveaway period is over.

    The information about Giveaway of the day and the participants of this initiative will be included in our newsletters and distributed among our visitors and subscribers.

    We will pay the software publisher for the Giveaway license, and our visitors will only receive those after downloading a special verification program and agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, thus protecting software publishers’ interests and making our initiative beneficial for both clients and publishing companies.

    We believe that Giveaway of the day will allow both publishers and clients to meet each other and win together with our initiative.

    How can I win with Giveaway of the day?

    1. You will get to know new software, for free!
    2. You will learn more about the software product, because we will provide a detailed software review for every title we nominate!
    3. You will get the information and special offers on all the additional software products from the given publisher.
    4. You will be offered an easy access to new software products and new versions of existing ones.
    Vast software selection as well as the extensive search capabilities of our web-site will allow you to find just the software you need.
    5. News of the world of software, daily updated information, new reviews and software downloads - all and everything for you, every day, together with our daily giveaways!

    How can I participate in Giveaway of the day?

    That’s simple! Our visitors will always stay informed about Giveaway of the day initiative and its current publishers. The information about giveaways for upcoming week will be posted on our web-site; all of our subscribers will receive this information in their weekly newsletter. Plus, Giveaway Tickers will also help us spread the information around the world.

    So just visit us frequently, subscribe to our newsletter and stay updated with our giveaways! See also information about our Giveaway Ticker, the fastest way to find out what’s hot on our web-site today.

    Giveaway of the Day

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    Wednesday, December 10, 2008

    Blogging in a downturn economy, just what you should and should not blog about

    There are millions of people who turn to the internet whenever they need any kind of information. Some are looking for products while others are looking for certain services; still others are searching for solutions to their problems. Thus, the internet is a space where you can get the maximum exposure for your business. If you are a blogger, the first thing that you need to do is to put up useful content on your website that will help others.

    Start networking

    Despite the economic problems that are plaguing the markets today, you can still make it big if you can do your networking properly. Network with others in your same profession and you'll do well. It is very important to know other people in your niche because they will help publicize your business. Even if you already have a good enough network, you still need to put enough time and effort in order to expand it.

    A great way to expand your network is through various social networking sites. You can also ask your clients to refer to you in their contacts and thus spread the word about your business. You can also collaborate with a group of popular bloggers. Many bloggers get into mutual settlements via these groups to publicize each other.

    Write about the necessities

    One thing that you need to be aware of is that despite all kinds of budget constraints, there are certain things that people will continue buying, such as the bare necessities of life. Thus, if you are able to write about the absolute necessities of life, you will never be out of business.

    In order to identify the necessities of life, try to observe the people around you - your family, your friends. By observing them you can understand more about the necessities of life. Once you identify them, try to develop an insight and write about it.

    Enlighten and motivate others

    When you are in the sphere of blogging and you know that there are many readers you cater to, make an effort to make a difference. Try to write about inspiring stuff that will help people and give them good advice and courage to face difficulties. Inspire the folks who read your blog. Also try to educate them about things that you know best.

    A very important thing that you can write about is the job prospects of people. Offer ideas about alternative job opportunities and ways to make money. People are always willing to learn about a better job and get to know more about what's going on in the market.

    People are always looking to make more money. If you know of some tips to make money on the internet and if you have succeeded already, share it with your readers.

    There are millions of things under the sun to write about. Choose your topic in such a way that you are comfortable about it and you have the required knowledge to write about it. Write with your heart and in a genuine manner.

    Tuesday, December 9, 2008

    How To Blog With Photos And Make $4000 In 7 Days

    Numerous people feel that photographic blogging is the most exciting kind of blogging that exists. Text-based blogs are so easy to do, it's like making and looking after a photo weblog but it is much less hard. Although it is the opinion of numerous that it is the high speed of internet and full-color technology that gives the real appeal with the transmission of pictures. Blogging daily, conveying yourself, reaching others, can be emotionally charged. In addition to this, surfing photographic blogs can help you to get a whole new view on the world in which we live.

    Many people who run image blogs are photographers by trade, but photographic blogging is also very popular among enthusiasts and amateur photographers. The photo blogs that have gathered a copious amount of notoriety is because those artists were from prestigious art schools. Still, some of the most well known and most often visited photographic blogs are as notable for their concepts as for the images themselves. Some image blogging sites like "attractive Overload", that feature pictures of cute animals, focus less on the quality or style of the picture and more on the actual image's content.

    Photo blogging is an extremely diverse medium, displaying everything from playful amateur curiosities to portfolios of highly skilled craftsmen' work. Visual communication is very common because photo blogs are very easy to build and update. It allows anyone, regardless of their ability level, to join the worldwide conversation concerning photography.

    It doesn't make a difference if you are a enthusiast or an artist who is wanting to create a photographic weblog, or possibly you are a person who is acquiring the knowledge concerning new places and experiences, taking the time to search the web and find well known photography weblogs can be a very rewarding enterprise. You can journey to another place or another time by seeing images of faraway locations and long-gone eras. You can see your own region with fresh eyes by find how local artists have photographed the town or city in which you live. Photo blogging allows individuals to communicate all of these things and more, which makes it a very exciting part of the modern blogosphere. One of the most successful blogging methods rests in photographic blogs, that allow for individuals to connect with each other in deeply personal ways, from across oceans, because of the advanced internet technologies of today!

    See how you can turn your digital camera into a cash-printing machine!

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    simple ways for teenagers to make money online

    Lots of individuals would agree that photo blogging is the most intriguing and fascinating type of blogging there is. Text-based weblogs are so easy to do, it's like making and looking after a photo blog but it is much less hard. Although it is the opinion of many that it is the high speed of web and full-color technology that gives the real attraction with the uploading of pictures. A picture is worth a thousand words, and posting photographs to your blog from time to time will allow you to reach other individuals in a powerful way. In addition to this, surfing photo weblogs can help you to get a whole new perspective on the world in which we live.

    A majority of image weblogs are run by professional photographers, but photographic blogging is a popular hobby with amateurs and others who just like taking images. When looking at a blog, the first thing that will catch your eye is the photos in it and you should know that numerous individuals who run striking blogs are graduates of art schools and or have an stunning professional portfolio. It is a well known fact that some of the best and the most visited photo weblogs are as widely known for their constructs as they are for their pictures. Some image blogging internet sites like "attractive Overload", that feature images of cute animals, focus less on the quality or style of the image and more on the actual image's content.

    Photo blogging is an extremely diverse medium, displaying everything from playful amateur oddities to portfolios of highly skilled craftsmen' work. The fact that photo weblogs are so simple to build and to update makes this kind of visual communication very common. It also enables individuals at all skill levels to become a part of the global conversation concerning the nature and value of picture taking today.

    Photo weblogs can be great places to learn concerning other parts of the globe and great experiences whether you are a creative person or just interested in how other individuals live. You will be able to journey to another place or time when you see pictures of far away places as well as long gone eras. With a new viewpoint you can see your own neighborhood, by seeing how area artists capture your housetown in photos. Photographic blogging is an exciting part of the modern blogging community because it allows individuals to communicate all of this and more. Internet technology enables individuals to interact with others who are far away in a genuine manner, therefore, phone weblogs are the best of this type of web website.

    how to make legitimate money online with no startup fees

    Lots of people would agree that photographic blogging is the most entertaining and fascinating type of blogging there is. You can create and add to a photo blog just as easily as you can a text-based blog. Although numerous people feel that it's the web's high speed and full-color technology that creates the real appeal with the uploading of pictures. By uploading photographs to a blog on a regular basis, you can convey your your feelings better and your readers will better connect with you. In addition to this, surfing photographic weblogs can help you to get a whole new view on the world in which we live.

    Many individuals who run image weblogs are photographers by trade, but photographic blogging is also very popular among hobbyists and amateur photographers. Surely, a large number of the popular photographic weblogs have gained popularity due to the wonderful artistic level. Many of these blog owners are professional artists or art school graduates. The concepts behind some notable photographic weblogs are sometimes as well if not more remembered as the pictures themselves. "attractive Overload" which showinstances many photographs of attractive animals is an example of a photo weblog which is more about the content of the photos than they are concerning the style of photography.

    The fact that photo weblogs range from forums to display the work of highly skilled artisans to playful collections of wonders shows that photo blogging is a truly diverse form. The fact that photographic blogs are so simple to build and to update makes this kind of visible communication very popular. It allows anyone, no matter of their skill level, to join the global conversation about photography.

    It doesn't make a difference if you are a enthusiast or an artist who is wanting to create a photographic blog, or possibly you are a person who is acquiring the knowledge concerning new places and experiences, taking the time to search the web and find well known photography weblogs can be a very rewarding enterprise. By looking at images of remote locations and distant eras, you can actually travel to another place or time. Local photographers can open you to new perspectives on your own neighborhood by offering different angles on your town or city. Photo blogging permits people to communicate all of these things and more, which makes it a very exciting part of the modern blogosphere. Photo blogs are considered to be the best way web technology allows individuals to be personal from across the world if you believe that they are effective.

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    Quick best way to make money online

    If you have elementary skills, and the willingness to work hard you will be able to achieve the goal of blogging for money. Yet, only a tiny percentage of individuals actually get the profits they expected from their blog. There are 2 main reasons why numerous people fail to make money from their weblogs. Most of the times bloggers have the expectation that their readers will expand allowing them to make money fast, in the end they normally end up disappointed. The 2nd catch that several bloggers fall prey to is little preparation. Creating a realistic plan and clinging to it is the key to success if you desire a good profit as a blogger.

    A large audience is the most essential thing that will be needed by you to succeed at blogging for profit. The greater your traffic, the more advertizers will agree to pay you. Yet, cultivating the regular visitors that you will need in order to make a profit isn't easy. As the number of weblogs increase every day, an excellent writing style or a great idea isn't enough to have your weblog acknowledged. You have to be successful at generating visitors for your blog.

    The issue is that bloggers concentrate too much on writing and neglect advertizing their weblog. When returning web site readers see your frequent updates on weblog search engines like Technorati, they will come back repeatedly to maintain high numbers of blogrolls to your website. In the long run it won't matter how much time you spend creating awesome content on your blog if you don't take the time to attract readers to read what you've written. You will need to draw in new visitors to your blogging site, so instead of keeping up with adding new posts, go find others needing to read your internet site, sort of make your dreams of benefiting a reality for you. You can generate extra visitors by exchanging links with other bloggers and establishing contacts in the blog community.

    Of course, even if you are a advertizing genius or have a really great idea for a weblog, success is not going to happen in a single day. If you are blogging for profit it takes time to establish a following and you shouldn't expect much of a profit for some time. You must try to stick with your blogging project during this first tough time period. To stay driven, set goals for how sometimes you will update and how numerous readers you want to win, and then reward yourself for sticking with your program.

    Have You Ever Tried To Make Serious Cash From Blogging? Check out this review

    How To Blog For Profit

    any individuals dream of blogging for profit, and this goal is not far beyond the reach of somebody with average intelligence, a willingness to work hard, and a an elementary grasp of blogging technology. Still, very few people manage to reap the profits they want from their weblog. There are normally 2 reasons most bloggers fail to earn money with their weblogs. Bloggers are sometimes not realistic in their prospects of how quickly their weblog's following will increase or how much money they will make, many times frustrating them from continuing to weblog. You need to think everything out, otherwise you'll fall into the trap with many bloggers. If you want to turn a profit as a blogger, the key to success is to make a realistic plan and stick with it.

    A large readership is the most essential thing that will be needed by you to succeed at blogging for profit. The means to get advertizers to pay you more, is to bring in more visitors. For you to have an income, nurturing your usual website callers is difficult. As the number of blogs increase every day, an excellent composition style or a great idea isn't enough to have your blog noticed. You have to be successful at generating traffic for your weblog.

    All too many bloggers make the mistake of spending most of their time writing, but very little time on advertizing what they are doing. To be certain, updating as sometimes as you can is a great way to keep your weblog high on blogrolls and blog search engines like technorati, and once your subscribers know that you update frequently they will return to your internet site on a regular basis. If no one is reading your internet site, it doesn't really matter how sometimes you update it so concentrate more on spending your time attracting visitors. You will need to draw in new visitants to your blogging internet site, so instead of keeping up with adding new posts, go find others wanting to read your website, sort of make your dreams of profiting a reality for you. This can be accomplished by exchanging links with other bloggers, contacting others in the blogosphere, and using other established methods of winning traffic.

    Of course, even if you are a marketing genius or have a really great idea for a blog, success is not going to happen in a single day. It takes time and application before your readership will grow to the level that you can turn a profit from blogging. While in the early stage of this hard time, don't falter on your dedication to your blogging project. In order to keep yourself driven you should set tiny goals, and address the readers you want to appeal to, giving yourself a pat on the back for a job well done.

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    Learning How To Make Money Blogging

    There are two major types of business models that enterprisers use to make money blogging. The best way to make an income while blogging to bloggers is to sell web page real estate. Selling internet page space to advertizers will help you turn a profit in the easiest way. Another kind of income generating weblog is one that promotes a product and produces positive feelings for that product for the blog's readers. Both kinds of weblogs can make a lot of money, especially if the creator has a keen mind for advertizing.

    There are two basic, yet good, ways to recruit sponsors in order to have their ads featured on your blog. Let another person to carry out the legwork or do it yourself so you can enjoy the whole profit. Within the first group, many individuals make money blogging by selling space through Google's AdSense program. The fact that it requires minimal effort from the webmaster or blogger is just one of the many benefits of this program. Unfortunately, using this strategy sometimes doesn't earn the kind of money individuals who use it expected from their weblogs.

    Selling marketing directly to firms who want to put banner advertizements or sponsored links on your blog can take quite a bit of time, but it is sometimes fairly profitable. If you already know business owners with products or services connected to your blogging content, you might want to try it this way. Renting blog space to establishments can be a great way to make a lot of money for those individuals who have a sound sales background and are great at delivering proposals. The most challenging problem with this model is that you sometimes have to build quite a sizable readership before you can draw in advertisers. Blogging for a number months may be required to begin seeing monetary results.

    Blogging has become so popular that numerous business sector are looking for ways to making this work for them. A number of institutions have come to recognize that blogs can be an efficient way to provide a favorable look for their corporation on the Internet. Regularly, a business sector will hire a deep-rooted blogger to generate a weblog appealing to their clients and create an alliance with the brand in the customers mind. This kind of money making gig has been extended to many writers that never considered blogging would lead to fiscal success.

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    Monday, December 8, 2008

    Backing up your PageSites

    We get questions from bloggers all the time... The most common one is "How do I backup pages on FaceBook?".  So being the power users we are, we took note some documentation about a useful plugin for Firefox called ScrapBook.  We went, we downloaded, we put it through the ringer. And you know what? This works for every social website we tried!

    ScrapBook is a good way to keep all that data you have on any number of sites safe with a local copy that your internet backup can automatically archive for you. With one program! No command line this, install plugin that, it just saves it so you can put the pieces back together if any of them should go bad on you.

    How you are wondering? Here's how it works.

    A First, go to the ScrapBook download page ( Just click the green Install Now button and then restart Firefox when it tells you to.

    B Once Firefox has restarted, you’re ready to use ScrapBook.

    C Click onto one of your social websites you'd like to save with ScrapBook. Once you’re there, on the menu, select Capture Page As.

    D "Capture Page As" will let you pick the link depth you'd like to archive. This is a important! This is how you can automatically back up all the links on your page. With the depth set to zero, you wouldn't automatically archive those extra pages. You'd be able to if it's set to 1. But if it were set to 2, you would have saved all the secondary pages, etc.

    E After picking the options you want, click Capture. A copy is now saved! Now, go to the ScrapBook menu and click Show in Sidebar. You can now see the captured page list.

    To review, here's what we have so far? You now have a local copy of all the content on your Squidoo, etc. page. So if anything goes south, your covered. But like Billy Mays always says... "But Wait, there's More".

    If you have a online backup product like CloudBackup on your computer just make sure that it's configuration has your personal files selected for backup. That way you can have all your social websites backed up and preserved with the rest of your computers essential data. And Firefox runs on windows, Mac, and Linux all the same.  Not only will your computer have a full online backup, but your social websites will be too.

    Friday, December 5, 2008

    Does paid blogging work? So how much can you expect to make from paid blogging?

    Some of you may already know this - you can get paid to write your blog posts. It's called "paid blogging" or "sponsored blogging" - sometimes even referred to as "paid reviews" - but it all works the same way.

    So how does paid blogging work? How can you get paid from Fortune 500 companies and even small businesses to write about their product, service or event?

    When the blogosphere exploded in 2006/07, thousands of blogs were being created every single day, with overworked individuals hoping to cash in on the trend and be a "work-at-home blogger". The hype was high, but the problem was that most bloggers wanted to get paid immediately.

    The blogosphere responded to these needs, with companies like leading the paid-to-blog industry. Early on, blogging for the purposes of making money received a lot of criticism from big-name bloggers, but eventually people started accepting paid blogging as a viable, honest way to make a living online, you too can get paid to blog.

    Down the road, more paid blogging companies sprung up, which includes and also - taking the stand of offering "honest" and "unbiased" reviews. At the moment there are no fewer than 20 paid blogging companies you can sign-up with and make money from.

    When you sign-up for a company, you're required to submit your blog details, so make sure you have a blog up and running with at least 30 days worth of acceptable content. After you've submitted your details, your blog will be reviewed and approved.

    Then, you can search the company's marketplace for "opportunities", which are basically listings create by businesses who want you to blog about their product or service. When you find a suitable opportunity, you can use the information provided (take note of the requirements too) and blog about it. When you're done, report back to the listing and you get paid whatever amount of money the advertiser has promised.

    Now of course, the companies that offer these paid blogging services also take their cut, which is anywhere from 30-50%. The rest is paid to you after you reach a certain payout limit.

    So how much can you expect to make from paid blogging?

    Typically, you can earn a few hundred dollars a month by writing 1-2 blog posts a day. Since these blog posts aren't too long and all the information is already provided, it's pretty easy to do that. Once your blog picks up more traffic, it gets re-evaluated and you can start charging more for writing the exact same content.

    The leaders in the paid blogging industry make a few thousands dollars a month, enough to make a comfortable full-time income on the Internet. Plus, they are free to work whenever they want, wherever they want. This is why paid blogging is so appealing - with not much skills or technical knowledge, any ordinary person can make money from blogs right from the start.

    If you're interested to discover the secrets to paid blogging, I strongly recommend you check out Blog Paycheck by Gobala Krishnan.

    Among other things, he gives you a complete step-by-step guide to paid blogging, and a list of useful resources you can use to kickstart your blogging and make more money with less time and effort.

    Thursday, December 4, 2008

    4 Free Ways To Explode Your Blog Traffic

    Every online business needs traffic in order to survive, that much we already know.

    But in this article, we're going to look at 4 of the most effective ways to set up windfalls of consistent traffic through one of the best publishing platforms online - blogs.

    1. RSS Feeds

    Most blogging software such as Wordpress come with a built in RSS feed, which is the equivalent to having a newsletter subscription service, but of course is 100% free and requires no details to be passed over from the subscriber. Most people just let their RSS feed sit there on their blogs, but what you need to do is submit your RSS feed URL to as many directories as possible. Therefore, when you post new content on your blog, this is syndicated to your RSS feed and the directories display your most recent posts. This is one of the easiest ways to get immediate exposure every time you post content.

    2. Blog commenting

    If you're looking for targeted traffic and some solid one way backlinks to boost your search engine listings, then try commenting on other people's blogs leaving a link back to your website. Providing you post relevant and useful content/comments on other people's blogs, the blog owner will "approve" your comments and you link will then become live. This can bring direct traffic and of course help with your rankings in the search engines.

    3. Guest Bloggers

    There are many advantages to having guest bloggers post their content on your site. Apart from the credibility of your blog going way up (depending on who the guest actually is), you are forming a mini joint venture where the guest is likely to tell his/her own audience about the material on your site, plus you may be able to work out a deal where you can return the favor and get access to their blog audience by appearing as a guest writer on their blog.

    4. Trackback links

    A trackback is when one blog communicates with another to inform the bloggers that their material has been referenced on someone else's post. So if you were to write a really good post, I could write about your post and create a trackback on your blog that tells the readers I've been talking about you and your post. Not only can this bring direct traffic, but also provides another backlink to your blog which is great for a little SEO boost. When would this be most effective? Probably when I have a contrasting opinion to your original post or if I have something helpful (or controversial) to add to the original post.

    These are just 4 of many ways to explode your blog traffic, but we're not done yet. It's possible to reach dizzy levels of traffic for your new blog right from day one when you have an arsenal of blogger’s traffic tactics at your disposal. Check out for more details...

    3 Ways To Turn Your Blog Into A Cash Machine

    If you've read my other articles, you'll already know how to drive large amounts of traffic to your blog through basic SEO practices and through creating outstanding content.

    But what's the use in all of that if you're never getting any decent money from your blog at the end of the day?

    Sure, some people do this for nothing but poops and giggles, but for the enterprising individual that I am sure you are, we must look at ways to add revenue to our blogs to actually turn blogging into a successful business.

    Before we do, it's important to realize that there's nothing ethically or morally wrong with monetizing your blog. After all, the products you sell or ads you run from your blog will be aimed to help your readers, and it's their decision to engage in them at the end of the day.

    So, let's look at the various ways to extract some easy money from your blog:

    1. Adsense

    This is the old classic that still holds true for many bloggers. Because Adsense is so easy to implement into your site, and because the quality of the ads is so high, there's huge potential to get lots of clicks from running a simple script on your site. However, this might not exactly allow you to quit your day job just yet, unless you have a serious amount of traffic coming in to your blog daily.

    2. Affiliate programs

    There's no end of products you can promote as an affiliate and in many cases you can earn a significant share of the revenue, sometimes up to 100%. It's really just a case of finding a good affiliate network, signing up and picking products to promote that tie in with your blog content. The more you hand pick individual products to promote based on individual posts, the higher your revenue will be. Don't just slap one product on the sidebar; you need to actively presell the product by talking about it, and the problems it solves.

    3. Selling advertising space

    Just like making money from Adsense ads on your blog, there needs to be substantial (and targeted) traffic to your blog in order for you to attract media buyers (the people who buy the ad space from your site). Furthermore, advertisers will want to know precise demographics of your average blog readers, such as their age, location and reading habits (how long they stay on your site and what they respond to in terms of your content and other ads). You can get this information by visiting and using their scripts to gather all of this data from your blog, which you can then present to interested buyers of ad space on your blog.

    These are just some of the ways to attract revenue from your site. Each of the above methods does of course require more training in order for you to reach your maximum profit potential and beyond.

    If you'd like to know more about making a six figure income from blogging alone, then you should also check out

    The 7 best wordpress plugins for making money

    7 Of The Best Wordpress Plugins

    The Wordpress platform is the most widely used platform on the internet, and quite rightly so. Wordpress is the number one platform if you are looking at starting your own onlinebusiness or converting from a website to a blog.

    Google recognises the value that wordpres provides by giving new blogs with good content a google listing almost straight away. You can be up and listed in a few hours with a wordpress blog.

    The standard wordpress blog is nothing special, with a very basic platform for you to look at. and adjust. But there are so many good free ones out there that you can get carried away just looking at them.

    Another post will cover the free wordpress blogs that look good and where to find them.

    7 of the best wordpress plugins is quite a difficult one with so many to choose from. But if you listen to the experts and choose wisely you can build a good blog or blogs that will look good and be easy to adjust for years to come.

    These plugins are designed to help maximize your blog to improve traffic, help easy maintenance, provide a good looking blog with quality content, and get some cash rolling into your bank account.

    Before you install any plugins I would advise you to learn what a wordpress blog is all about. Make sure you have got a good looking blog. Copyblogger is one such blog. Then make sure you understand how to adjust your blog. There is work to do here, so don't expect an easy ride. If you want to moneytize your blog you need to be able to keep it looking good.

    Once you have mastered this you will then start to build up a decent following and hopefully making a living online. Do not go down the line of trying to build hundreds of blogs and making cash from them. This is old hat and rarely works.

    The only people making money these days are those super affiliates selling the products. That is another story on my website.

    7 of the best wordpress blogs

    No 1 - All In One SEO Pack
    No 2 - Socialize
    No 3 - What would Seth Godin Do
    No 4 - Caffeinated Content
    No 5 - Auction Ebay Ads" target="_blank">Auction eBay Ads
    No 6 - Clickbank RSS Generator
    No 7 - Wordpress Affiliate Pro" target="_blank">Wordpress Affiliate Pro
    No 8 - Auto Social Poster- Take a look at our website at what this baby can do

    Okay thats 8. I cant count. These are the tip of the iceberg and there are probably 10 more that would make your life easy.

    Take a look at our website to see the top 21 wordpress blog plugins that we currently use.

    There are more facts that you need to know if you want to make money online at our website. This is just the beginning. Lest check them out.

    Start Your Own Business and Work from Home


    What Should I Blog About?

    A blog is a website consisting of entries that are often called posts appearing in reverse chronological ordre with the most recent entry appearing first. Blogging is growing more and more popular by the day. For many novice wanna be bloggers there is still plenty of space in the world wide internet to join in. Blogs pop up everywhere and you can blog on some sites for free. Blogging is a great activity to get involved with. Some bloggers even get paid to blog. Others just enjoy putting their opinion out there for the world to see and interacting with fellow readers.

    If you are not sure what you should blog about than you should learn about the many benefits of blogging and what others blog about. One of the biggest benefits of blogging is the opportunity to voice you opinions. Blogging allows you to expresss your thoughts and opinions. If you have something to say and you feel in everyday life you won't be heard than say in your blog. Blogs give you the freedom to express yourself and what you really think of the world. Most people blog about their daily life. What happened to them at work or during the weekend. A special holiday or event they participated is often blogged about. People blog about their personal opinion of current local news or international news. People blog about their families or raising kids. Some people blog about their lover or lack of love. Blogging is similar to open diaries. They are filled with the random thoughts of the mind. Some people enjoy blogging about their favorite things or the life of their pet. Your blog is your space to write about whatever you want to. You can let your imagination run wild or write about what is true and constantly going on in your life. Some women blog about their divorce or uneasy marriage. There are single women you blog about their wacky dates or lack of. What you blog about is all up to you. Remember it is your personal expression. There are some people who blog to help others. These blogs are usually health related. People blog about a particular illness or disease they have that others may also suffer from. The health related blogs is a great way for people from all over the world to unite and relate to each other. It builds a sense of comfort for people to know they are not alone. Blogging can be very therapeutic. There are people who blog to promote their business, product, or services. They blog about the latest products available, what their business is about, and the services they offer. Blogs can be a great marketing tool also. Some people blog to make a difference in the world. These bloggers blog about certain political issues and causes that can make a difference in other peoples lives. Some of these blogs is about abortion, adoption, poverty, immigration, abuse, welfare, war, third-world countries in need, the environment, and other united nations oriented issues.     

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    Wednesday, December 3, 2008

    How Blogging Brings Fame: Becoming Famous and Successful Through Your Blogs

    Have you ever dreamed of becoming rich and famous? Of
    course, everybody does, but not everyone have what it
    takes to be a movie star or a world famous supermodel.
    But, have you ever considered that even regular people
    like you can become famous through blogging? Indeed,
    blogging can bring you fame and it can even make you

    As an online business owner, you know that the key to
    success in your online business is by getting targeted
    traffic in your website. Targeted traffic is the type
    of people that you want to visit your website and not
    just anyone in the internet. To do this, you need to
    advertise your products throughout the internet
    through affiliate programs, banners, emails, article
    publishing websites, and etc.

    However, have you ever considered blogging as a tool
    for marketing?

    Basically, blogging is what people use today as a sort
    of journal. Some use it as an outlet of their
    frustrations by writing about it, others use it as a
    diary where people put in everything that happened to
    them on a particular day, but there are some people
    who found out that blogging can be a great tool for

    You have to consider the fact that people do love to
    read blogs. And, with the millions of people logging
    in on the internet on a daily basis, you can just
    imagine how many people might enter your blogging
    website and read your blogs.

    How can you market your product or service in a
    blogging website?

    Well first of all, you have to remember that you
    should never treat blogs as a marketing tool although
    this is your purpose for it. Instead, try treating it
    as a way to communicate with other people. The last
    thing that people wants to see in a blog is some
    salesman trying to aggressively sell their wares on
    the blogs they wrote.

    So, how can you sell your products?

    You'll be surprised as to how many ways you can market
    your products. You have to remember that people don't
    like salesmen trying to push their products up on
    their faces. What they want is someone who is a
    regular person like they are who knows a little
    something about a particular thing, which is your

    What this means is that when you write blogs, never
    try to be a salesman. Instead, you have to think like
    a customer who tried your product and loved it. Ask
    yourself what they would say about your product in a
    blog. By thinking and writing like a customer, you
    will be able to relate to other people. You will be on
    their side and you will be their friend.

    That is how you should market on blogs. You need to be
    a customer who is satisfied with the products or
    services you are selling and that you are simply want
    people to know about it and that you recommend it. If
    you believe in your product or services so much, then
    you won't have any problems at all.

    To make this even more believable, try adding some of
    the good and the not so good of the product. But, don’t
    emphasize the cons, just try to mention it.

    Blogging can bring you fame if you do it right.
    Remember these tips and you will be well on your way
    in making your blog famous as well as your business
    and the products or services you are selling.

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    Tuesday, December 2, 2008

    The Best Free Blog Services

    What is a blog and blog services? Blogs are a major part of online activity in today's society. Millions of people blog daily. What exactly is blogging? A blog is a website which consists of various entries. These entries are written by the blogger. Blog entries are often called posts. All blog entries or posts appear in reverse chronological order featuring the most recent entry listed first. Blogging is very similar to a journal or diary. Majority of blogs include comments and links which are placed to gain user interactivity. Blogs are produced by a special software. Blogging is the act of writing blog entries or posts in a blog. Blogosphere or blog services sites usually consist of an online community of blogs and bloggers. Blogging is very therapeutic and a great way to be heard. You can even get paid to blog sometimes. It is possible to become a professional blogger because the activity has become so popular. People blog to express their thoughts and opinions, market or promote something, help other people, establish yourself as an expert, connect with people similar to you, to make a difference, to stay active or knowledgeable in a certain field or topic, to stay connected to friend and family, and to make money from various forms of media. Blogging plays a key role in many different causes.

    There are many different ways to blog and most of them are through free blog services. Majority of blog services are free. There are a few that charge for you to blog or upgrade to utilize their additional features. Blog services are sites that allow users to post blogs and they host the site. Blog services that are free come in many various features and styles. When you select a free blog service platform make sure you pick one that suits your blogging needs. and is a blog site dedicated to travel blogs. You can blog about all of your vacations and adventures from abroad on these free blog services. offers over 40MB of free online space to blog. is one of the most popular of free blog services they are very easy to use for novice bloggers. The templates help you set everything up with ease. is a free blog service site that offers RSS feeds and other very cool features. is also another free blog service that offers templates, friends only posts, and IP banning. is a free blog service that offers unlimited bandwidth for their free members and a paid member option that features additonal benefits. is a free blog service that offers multiple templates with anti-spam and extra features. is a free blog service with wiki that offers public and private display along with 2GB of storage for users. is a free blog service that offers a social networking feature with the blogging experience. is a blog service that mixes social networking along with photo galleries and other neat features. There are many options you can select when deciding the best free blog services to use.    

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    Monday, December 1, 2008

    Optimizing Blogs For Search Engines

    What is the purpose of optimizing blogs for search engines? Many bloggers overlook the importance of optimizing blogs for search engines. The point of blogging is usually to gain readers and have others read your opinions on various issues on life. Some bloggers who blog to make money or promote their business main goal is to gain more traffic. Both of these blogging needs requires the optimizing of their blog for search engines. Some call this process SEO or search engine optimization. This process is the same that you normally go through with a business or personal website only it is a blog that you are now attempting to optimize. The whole process of optimization is vital to bring in new traffic to your blog and present you in major search engines. This makes it easy for users or readers to search and find your blog. If you want to gain a large group of readers and customers than you must optimize your blog for search engines the same way you would a personal or business website. Optimization is the key to a successful online website and the traffic you need. Without the optimizing of blogs for search engines your blog will never be seen or read. What is the purpose of a blog with no one to read it.

    What exactly is the process of optimizing blogs for search engines? The process of optimizing blogs for search engines involves the magic word keywords. The proper keywords must be placed or embedded into the blog. Majority of blogs have this handy option called tags sometimes keywords at the bottom of each blog post or entry. The key words or key phrases that you place into this box is vital. It must be the best possible keywords for optimization of the blog. You can start this process by searching online for a free keyword search engine optimization tool. This tool will generate free keywords that will properly optimize your keyword search box aiding in the process of optimizing your blog for search engines. Keywords are the key factors to get your blog crawled by the spiders to obtain the proper rank in most of the major search engines. Without the proper keywords it is nearly impossible to have optimization for your blog. Once you have the proper keywords they should be embedded into your blog and into your title. This is very important. The title and keywords in your blog should all be the best possible phrases to obtain optimization. The next step in the process of optimizing blogs for search engines is to clean up your blog or blog page. There should not be a lot of html graphics or clutter. Your blog should be clear and easy to understand. Clutter filled blogs are often overlooked when it comes time for spiders to crawl. You should ensure that your blog has nothing but quality content and nothing is confusing in your blog. It will give you better chances of total optimization. Once that is completed simply add your blog to as many search engines as possible. 

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    How To Make Money From Blogging

    Many novice bloggers are unaware that you can make some major money from blogging. There are some people that make up to $1,000 a month by simply blogging. It is actually possible to make money from blogging in your spare time. There are even professional bloggers that make an entire living from blogging everyday. Nothing beats blogging from the comfort of your home and getting paid to do it. It is one of the most sought after at-home jobs that many people overlook. Majority of bloggers blog everyday just for fun and do not get paid for it. There is a good amount of money to be made by blogging. You too can make money by blogging. There are five popular sites that are known to pay bloggers to blog. These sites can help make a blogger a nice extra income if they diligently pursue their blogging on a regular basis and according to each of the individual sites's guidelines and policies. The most popular of the five sites is They give bloggers many open opportunities to blog about various products and advertisements on their personal blog. The other four popular money making blog sites for bloggers is,,, and Joining any of these widely known sites will help you to make money from blogging.

    There are many different ways to make money from blogging and benefit from a successful blog. The first important tip to follow if you really want to make money from your blog is to make sure you have the proper title. Having the wrong title or improper title that conflicts with your blogs content can damage your ability to make money from your blog. Be sure to use a title that is catchy but properly coins the point of the blog. If your blog is about dogs it should mention that in the title or directly refer to it in some way. Your title should always be clear and concise. This is vital if you wish to make money with your blog. The second tip to make money with your blog is to double check your information. You can not have any errors in your blog if you wish to make money. Your blog should have accurate information for your readers. It also makes your blog more difficult to find and search through if there is too many incorrect spellings. The third tip to make money with your blog is blog often. You must be persistant with your blogging if you want to make some serious money doing it. You should blog at least once a day or more. You need to build up a fan base of people that enjoy reading your daily posts. It is the secret to a money making blog. The fourth tip to make money from blogging is to keep what your are writing about rich in content but to the point. You do not want to babble on and on losing your readers interest. Quality content is the key to making money from blogging. You have to draw readers to your blog daily to generate money. 

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    Creative Ideas For Blogs

    Many bloggers get overwhelmed when they have to think of creative ideas for their blogs to interest readers. It can seem like a daunting task but it can be done. It is important to create interesting ideas for your blogs that will really grab your readers attention and keep them coming back to your blog. If you think about the last blog or article you read it was because the topic jumped out at you. It really got your interest and you wanted to know more. That is the key to blogging and inventive writing. Making your reader want to come back for more. Every great writer has this ability and even though you may think you are not a good writer you too have the ability to think up creative ideas for your blogs. It is not as hard as it appears. It just takes some time and some great tips to get your creative juices flowing and the ideas from you head to the blog. Writing for blogs or blogging is a fun activity that doesn't have to be stressful. You can relax and think up creative ideas using some great techniques and your readers will come back every time for more.

    There are many ways to generate creative ideas for blogs. Does your blog have a particular topic? If so researching online the latest news of that topic is a great way to generate creative ideas for your blog. For people with a more general blog there are unlimited possibilities to think up creative ideas. A secret tip that many writers use to think up creative ideas is to flip through magazines and newspapers and clip out interesting topics that grab your eye's attention. Keep them in a folder and whenever you need a creative idea all you have to do is grab a cut out article from your handy folder. You will automatically have a title idea for your blog and you can play around with the content. If the cut-out article was about the top five perfumes you can make it the top four  designer perfumes and research the latest in that topic. Or just use the topic of perfume and blog about the reasons you hate perfume or about a smell that perfume is missing in today's society. The ideas you can create is endless with this great trick for creative ideas. It does not matter how old the article is because you are not going to copy the article it is just an idea to get you going. Brainstorming is another great way to gain creative ideas for blogs. Get a piece of paper and write down a subject. Draw a circle around it and think of another idea that relates to it. Keep repeating the process until you have an entire page of creative ideas for blogs. Another great way to get creative ideas for blogs is to watch tv. There is always something on tv worth blogging about.  

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