Monday, June 29, 2009

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    Tuesday, June 9, 2009

    Win Dollars from Lots of Contests on Goldage Forum.

    Goldage Forum is the One of The Busiest,Oldeest and The Most Active Community on the Internet where you can earn Money Everyday through Various Different Methods and Contests with Different Prizes and lots of Cash.

    The Current Active Contests running on Goldage Forum are very easy to win and anyone with Average knowledge and skills can win these contests pretty Easily and make some Fast Cash.

    These are the Current Active Contests running on Goldage where you can win Prizes everyday :

    1)   Members of the Day New Formula - 3 Daily Prizes!

    The winners will be chosen by the team for the quality of their contribution on the forum during the day in all the areas of the forum.

    The daily prizes are of $1.80 for each winner paid to EuroGoldCash & each member can win several times.

    If you want to nominate a winner you are welcome to do so in this thread.

    Bigger contests with bigger prizes are gonna start soon, so stay tuned & let all your friends know! 

    2)   Last Post is the Winner! | Get Paid to Chat! $5 Every 1000 Posts!

    - Just keep posting in this thread. Every 1000 posts 5 posts will be picked randomly to win $1 each

    - Your post will be eligible for a prize if it's part of a discussion between you & other members (the topic doesn't matter)

    - You can make non sense posts, push or make copy/paste posts, but you will earn nothing

    - Copy/Paste posts include: news, quotes, poems, jokes or anything you copied from another place

    - If you want a Copy/Paste post to be eligible, add a comment of yours to it, this may help.

    GoldAge - The Busiest Forum about EuroGoldCash, Liberty Reserve, Forex and HYIP Investments!

    3)               GoldAge Paid to Promote [Beta 2]

    Here's a new beta contest! Go find your NEW referral link in the Referrers Page & promote it everywhere (without spamming of course), every day there will be a member chosen randomly to win $0.20 ~ $0.40 (the prizes could be much bigger later if this test succeeds). Further more if anyone joins under you you could win referral prizes from the other contests.

    4)       $5 For Becoming Premium Member & $3 For Referrers!

    Rules :

    1. You have to have 20 or less posts on December 1st 2008 if you joined before this date, if you have between 21 & 60 posts you get half the prize.

    2. Post your request as a reply to this thread before you turn Premium, then make another reply when done.

    3. You must confirm that you became Premium within 6 months or less after your 1st request.

    4. Once you get Premium status you will get $3 or $5 depending on the quality & usefulness of your posts (or $1.5 - $2.5, refer to rule #1).

    5. If you are a referrer, you get $3 once your referrals who joined on or after December 1st 2008 reach Premium status.

    6. Do not use a proxy unless it's necessary!

    7. Cheaters who create double accounts or spam the forums will be molested!

    GoldAge - The Busiest Forum about EuroGoldCash, Liberty Reserve, Forex and HYIP Investments!

    5)   Bidding contest - Status [Active]

    This is a new concept game

    As the name suggest this is a bidding competition.
    What you are bidding for? - 1$

    What are you bidding with - numbers.

    Ok guys there is a change in the game from now.

    The game goes like this:
    1. I will post a picture and you guys have to guess the price of the thing in the picture.
    2. Just post in here what you think is the prize of the thing and the closest bid will win.
    3. Please no more PMs
    4. Everyone will get three chances to guess, but don't make double posts ... i.e you are not suppose to post continuosly one after the other, you should wait for atleast one person to reply after your post and then post again ...
    5. No one is allowed to edit their posts. If anyone is found editing their posts they will be disqualified from the contest.
    Ok i might add a few points later. Fine then guess how much is the cost of this product.

    6)   GAF Punching Card (Status -Active)

    Terms and Condition:

    You may only punch your card once every 6 hours (a maximum of 4 per day)
     ie: you punched a card at 6:00AM, the next card that you may punch again is on 12:01PM
     Anyone trying to break this rule will be ban from this contest for the whole week.

    Nonsense activity won't be count.
    The "boxed" emoticon is a MUST or it won't be count as a punched card.
    Every week, one card will be randomly selected as a winner. The more you punch, the more chances that you're the winner
    Payment will be made within a week after winner(s) are announced.

    GoldAge - The Busiest Forum about EuroGoldCash, Liberty Reserve, Forex and HYIP Investments!

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