Monday, September 17, 2007

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    Here's what you get in the Alive Business Blog Pack:

    Inside Your Blog Pack Value
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    Look At Everything You Get With Your Blog

    • A series of online training videos to train you step by step how to blog:
      1. Setting Up Your Blog - Editing your profile and changing your password
      2. Posting to Your Blog - manage categories
      3. Posting to Your Blog - publishing posts
      4. Posting to Your Blog - uploading images
      5. Uploading images - editing images
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      7. Configuring options - Choosing a Theme (Template) - select a theme
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      9. Getting Your Blog Found in the Search Engines - submit blog
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      13. How To Earn Money With Your Blog - Amazon

    • A complete online ecourse on how to run your blog - here's a sneak preview
      1. How to use a blog and fit it into your current business marketing activities
      2. What makes a blog a unique asset to your business
      3. 7 common mistakes to avoid with a blog
      4. Ways to brainstorm what you will write about
      5. How to write your blog entries
      6. The difference between a blog and an email newsletter
      7. Ways you can generate extra revenue from your blog
      8. Getting People to Your Blog Using Social Networking
      9. What are RSS feeds and how they can help you with your online business
      10. Where and how you can announce your RSS feeds
      11. How to research successful blogs
      12. How to use online blog directories
      13. Putting it together.

    • Over 150+ professional web design templates - a HUGE range to give your site the best unique look

    • Over 50 of the top plugin options to tweak your blog - we've especially pulled together all the best options to maximise a blog for Google and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so it can easily start picking up traffic

    • We've hand picked the best template designs that are Search Engine Optimized (SEO), not all templates are created equal - we've put in the hard work to bring you the best of the best.

    Having A Blog Gives Your Business An Advantage
    Over Your Competitors

    Business blogging is an incredible online marketing tool that can increase the revenue you are getting from your web site with just a little planning and a focused goal in mind.

    • Think of a blog as the online 3D version of your expertise.
    • It's You, Inc. online.
    • It's a micro-website where you can showcase what you're up to.
    • It’s where your customers, potential clients, and the media – can get to know you better — either because they found your blog through the search engines, or they clicked through to it from a link in your newsletter, email signature or business card.

    Because of this, businesses who are engaging in blogging have a definite advantage over their competitors who don't.

    Here are some reasons why:

    Create Blog

    Word-of-Mouth. There are over 71 million blogs with over 100,000 more being added each day. There's 100’s of millions of active blog readers. Imagine how much exposure your company will have, if your products are seen through blogs. On the Internet, information spreads very quickly.

    Create Blog

    Awareness and Loyalty Blogging provides a means of open communication with your customers and this in turn helps create trust and loyalty. Knowing that you are there to respond to their questions and comments makes them more willing to try your products and services.

    Create Blog

    Feedback A blog works great if you are doing research. By reviewing your customer comments, you instantly have feed back on what they like, dislike, or what needs improving.

    Create Blog

    Really Simple Syndication (RSS) The use of RSS feeds is a great companion tool for your blogs. This is just another way to help people find your information. More visits means more sales. This is a user-friendly technology that should be utilized by anyone serious about his or her business.

    If you haven't started to tap into RSS yet, part of our package includes a terrific short online video that explains in simple lay terms how to use RSS.

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