Tuesday, September 11, 2007

    traffic4hire - is an unique paid to autosurf program which pays 5% daily for 30 days! This is 50% net profit in just 1 Month! We accept both free (7 days) and upgraded members! Our free members can only view sites to get a feel for the system! They can earn cash by promoting our site!

    We offer 1% for every referal that you bring in that upgrades.

    Paid members can earn by promoting too 5% referal Commission and they get paid for the days they surf.

    To prevent Hit and Runners at Traffic4hire upgrades are limited to a max of $50. Max limit will increase by $10 for every 100 upgrades.

    Upgraded members:
    - Earn daily 5% for 30 days
    - Earn Roi after 10 credits earned
    - Request payout Daily
    - Payments Less the 24hrs
    - Minimum payout is $.10
    - Surf 50 sites daily
    - Minimum upgrade - $0.10
    - Max upgrade - $50.00 (Soon To Rise)
    - Surf ratio 0.5:1
    - Only E-Gold at this Time

    Payouts at $0.10! I have already been paid! Join Traffic4Hire now!


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