Thursday, September 13, 2007

    Website Promotion

    Website promotion is crucial if you want to gain exposure for yourself. Here is a handy list of fifteen (15) advertising ideas and practices that you can incorporate into your promotional adventures:

    1. Advertise off-line with card decks, circulars, direct mail, radio or tv commercials, television interviews, classified ads, yellow pages, and magazines.

    2. Start your own affiliate program and submit to affiliate program directories.

    3. Write articles and allow people to reprint them with your blurb in tact. Include a resource box and offer them in exchange for free publicity in magazines, newsletters, publications, etc. You can submit your writing to online article depositories as well.

    4. Start your own awards program and require a link back to your website of all award winners. Be sure to list your awards program in award directories so that others can find them.

    5. Join a banner exchange.

    6. Provide both an online and off-line catalog of your products and/or services. Include extra order forms for later orders and re-mail your catalog every 3-5 weeks.

    7. Join chat channels and create a profile so that you can submit your profile to search engines. Be sure your profile contains a link to your website.

    8. Offer various contests at your website and submit each one to contest directories. As part of your contest, offer whoever buys the most a total refund.

    9. Participate in discussion forums and create a profile so that you can submit your profile to search engines. Be sure to enable an automatic signature line that points to your website so that every time you post a message (or respond to one), your URL will be presented to perhaps hundreds or thousands of forum participants. Don't forget USENET!

    10. Create a freeware software product that promotes your website. It doesn't have to be fancy - a simple e-book or screensaver will do. Just make sure that you encourage people to download it and distribute it to others.

    11. Participate in relevant e-mail lists and include your signature in all your e-mail messages.

    12. Send out a newsletter every month containing links to your website. Have a sample issue on site and promote your newsletter in e-zine depositories.

    13. Pay to advertise in other people's e-zines.

    14. Follow up email queries with a catalog, satisfaction questionnaire, or referral request. (You *do* have your URL signature file enabled, right?)

    15. Make sure your website keywords are properly placed within your website's meta-tags, image tags, title tags, and content pages so that search engines will properly index your site.


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