Wednesday, September 19, 2007

    What's The Buzz About Blogrush?

    Blogrush incorporates an assembling of inventive and creative thoughts by the squad John Reese features at Blogrush is akin to previous associate systems available for yrs on the World Wide Web. As it's thus far a no toll choice to building traffic to your domain, you are able to explore the hyperlink at the bottom to examine it on your web log and determine for yourself if it's worthwhile. Using the Blogrush system means positioning a gadget known as a "widget" in the sidebar of your web log.

    When the widget displays on your blog, you earn credits, so too does the blog or person that told you about Blog-Rush. When you write a new article on your blog, the headline is syndicated to widgets on similar web blogs. The technology behind BlogRush is similar to Google adsense in that it displays blogs with similar content which in turn shares traffic but also help your readers find related content.

    There are look-alike technologies to BlogRush, one that springs to mind is a system known as Criteo but they've not involved theirs to the next stage and admitted the word of mouth potential that the referral scheme in BlogRush allows for.

    Some of the naysayers say this is no different than the old Traffic Exchanges or products such as the annoying TrafficBuzz which placed a software program that promoted other services. The Blogrush product seems to uphold the spirit of Blogging in general more than those services, at least in it's early stages. Time will tell if it remains a true content/information sharing tool, or becomes more commercialized down the road.

    Whether Blogrush helps become the GoldRush of blogging remains to be seen in the early days of the application. The buzz around the product has largely come from the fact that it is John Reese who is behind it. My plan is to adopt the service for my blogs and see how it develops in the coming months to see if it is the traffic panacea as promised.


    Brandon said...


    We're continually developing AutoRoll, so stay tuned for some more features in the future. :)

    Brandon Watts
    Criteo Evangelist

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