Monday, January 14, 2008

    AlterGold --- Latest Payment Processor with the Twist

    AlterGold wants to pay YOU! As AlterGold continues to grow, we believe in rewarding our loyal AlterGold community for helping in that growth.

    When you refer someone to Altergold, making it their way to pay, we will reward you with deposits to your Altergold account. This money can be used to do anything you like - transferred or withdrawn. It’s our way of thanking you for your good work.
    When you refer anyone using Altergold as a way to pay to online, we'll pay you $5.00. But it gets even better, when you refer more then 10 friends to Altergold, we'll begin to pay you $10.00 for each referral after your 10th referral!. (more details below).

    1-  Internet Payment System
    New Digital currency backed by the U.S. Dollar.

    2-  Instant Transactions
    Instantly send and receive funds to and from anyone with an Altergold account.

    3-  Instant Payment/Receipt Notifications -
    You are notified instantly via e-mail when someone sends funds to your account or when you send someone funds from your account!

    4-  Variety Of Funding Options: -
    Altergold offers a variety of funding options, such a: E-gold Funding, Liberty Reserve, V-Money.

    5-  Merchants -
    Accept online payments immediately with Altergold. No approval process, no paperwork and you can use Altergold with any online Program - No Chargebacks

    6-  Withdraw Funds
    directly to your E-Gold, Liberty Reserve, ATM Mastercard, Bank Wire anywhere in the world.

    7-  Accepted Worldwide -
    Truly International and Friendly Payment Processor. Anyone all over the world can use Altergold.


    Graham Matthews said...

    Really nice blog you have there!
    I belong to most of the opportunities already! If I wasn't I think you would have convinced me to join right there.I belong to a downline club called Free Money Team, and I think you would be very interested in it. I promote several programs similar to the ones you're promoting with one referral URL.The benefit here is that when someone joins through your link, they essentially join multiple programs! This has been working great for me! I already have alot of referrals!Keep up the great work. I look forward to checking back!

    Let me know how things go with the Free Money Team.

    Walter said...

    Yeap Altergold seems to become a good e-currency, as long as it is not based in the USA.

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