Wednesday, March 19, 2008

    SayCash --- http://www.

    - Free membership.

    - Earn money instantly after signing up.

    - Open to all members world wide.

    - Earn money by doing free offers, surveys, free trials plus get paid-to-buy and cash back on popular known products.

    - Extra point offers you can redeem for gift cards to different shops.

    - Over 300 free offers, surveys, free trials and more.

    - New added all the time.

    - We share the profit 50/50 between user and

    - Free offers paying you about $0.30-$12.5 and surveys paying you $0.87-$1.30 each!

    - Earn a minimum of $135 by your own based on our current offers.

    - Main offers for US and UK members but a dedicated section for international members is growing bigger every day.

    - Refer new members and earn 50% of their income for life:

    * Refer as many as you wish.

    * 365 days cookie.

    * Referral can not be stolen.

    * You don't have to be active to earn from your referrals.

    - But why not be? You can earn a lot of extra money by doing something yourself

    - $20 signup bonus for US members paid out the next day (by taking free startup offer).

    - $50 bonus when you reach $200 for the first time.

    - Possible to win $10 bonuses when earning cash on the website.

    - Payout for free by paypal or direct to your bank account (if your country is not supported by paypal).

    - Payout every 2 month (if you for example earn $100 in February you get paid April 1st.)

    - No minimum payout.

    - Possible to communicate with your referral.

    - Live user-to-user chat.

    - Fresh forum.

    - Step by step guides.

    - Positive live support from the team

    - Help desk and email support.

    - And much much more!

    Visit to check us out!


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