Saturday, July 26, 2008

    Writing For A Living Online on Internet

    If you have the skills to sell and Promote, then there are some jobs waiting for you on the internet… jobs that you can earn from, and at times, can even rival any day job you can have. The World Wide Web is indeed a haven for many skills, and if you possess any of these skills, you can establish your own online service business.

    The correct term for such a task is freelancing. There are many freelancing opportunities that you can choose from, depending on the skill set you have.

    The most lucrative of these freelancing opportunities is writing. Now, there are many kinds of writing assignments you can choose to accept. These are:

    1. Content writing. Content is what fuels the internet. And webmasters from all over the world are constantly pressured to provide content for their visitors. We’re talking about a demand that will not cease. And you can charge for your services on a per word basis. The average going rate is $0.02 per word, but of course, you can charge more if your talent deserves such disctinction.

    2. Ghostwriting for eBooks/special reports. There are a number of internet marketers who are looking for fresh information products to sell. These requests vary, depending on the niche they are focusing on. If you have great research skills and again, the writing flair to present it in a readable way, then you can try ghostwriting. Average going rate is $7 per page, or $500 per 10,000 words.

    3. Copywriting. If you want to go for the big time bucks, then copywriting is the opportunity for you. Copywriting involves the creation of sales letters, or sales copies, that will help your clients sell a product or a package. These sales letters or sales copies are often 3,000 to 7,000 pages long. Bear in mind, however, the copywriting is more than just hype writing. It’s a science that you have to study and master. Also, you must familiarize yourself with the product or products you will be writing about, as well as the needs of the market they will be catering to. Expect to be paid $1,000 per project, at the average.

    If you’re going to pursue writing on the internet, there are 3 cardinal rules which you should remember:

    - By no means should you plagiarize existing works, more so, works that are already published in the World Wide Web. Remember that your clients will hire you to write unique, original works. This means that you should not copy ideas nor the ways by which they are presented. Also (and this is asked quite often), you cannot plagiarize yourself. You cannot sell to others what you have already sold to another.

    - Upon completion of the project, you are to transfer all the rights to the works to your client. This means that you will no longer own the assignments. The client will have all the rights to them, including naming himself as the author thereof.

    - Respect deadlines. Always remember that your clients’ businesses are dependent on the submission of your assignments.

    There are many places where you can look for clients. You can try viewing the project requests from freelancing websites such as ,, and .

    Also, you can try out forums devoted for webmasters. The online communities at and have their own categories for writers seeking work.

    In the writing business, your name is your worth. If you’ll build a name for yourself as an excellent writer who respects deadlines and churns out quality work after quality work, then rest assured that there are many, many jobs waiting for you in cyberspace.


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