Monday, August 4, 2008

    Beginner's Guide to Free Text Ad Exchanges

    Easy to use - and they work!

    Text Ad Exchanges are the very latest IM fashion but, unlike passing fads, they are here to stay and it's essential that you include them in your advertising portfolio.There are various ways to advertise on an ad exchange. Each one earns points for the viewer/reader/clicker of the ad. Members can exchange these points in order to place their own ads and can also buy advertising or extra points.

    Traffic Links

    These are one line ads which viewers click on to go to a website. Once they've been on it for (usually) ten seconds they earn points. Much like a traffic exchange except the viewer decides which links to click on. It's up to the advertiser to make it enticing. "Make money with ...." gets more clicks than "I have a nice website". More on the psychology of these things in a later article.

    Text Ads

    These vary between exchanges but can be just one line, several lines, or an HTML ad taking up half the page. Some people write a whole essay, which is a complete waste of time. Some exchanges have a timer, some rely on the advertiser to capture your attention before you click for the next ad.

    Banner Ads

    There are banners all over the exchanges. Banner advertising DOES work. Again, that's the subject of another article. If you have several programs you will have a lot of time with a banner rotator. I recommend Intellibanners.

    Log In Ads

    These are bigger banner style ads that all members see when they log in.

    Solo e-mails

    Unlike safelists, the AdExchanges do not send out hundreds of e-mails every day but they send some. Usually 5 - 20 a day. You can buy these or exchange points for them. This is the most expensive form of advertising apart from the log in ads but they work as members want the points themselves.

    Do they work?

    Your site is only being seen for a few seconds so you will need a striking website/splash page but, unlike with traffic exchanges, you get several bites of the apple. If you can attract attention with a well written ad you the reader is likely to be curious about the site and look out for it even if they have lots of tabs open.

    Most exchanges allow Pro members to post 10 - 20 ads a day and you can save the ads. So once you have set them up it will only take half an hour a day to go through the exchanges and place hundreds of ads. I did this for a few days while recovering from a tooth extraction. I needed something fairly mindless to do. It got me loads of sign-ups and opt in leads.

    Can you earn money from the Ad Exchange itself?

    All pay commission on your downlines' upgrades to Pro membership. Some, including Maximum Profits (see banner below) pay commission on everything your downline spends eg when they buy solo ads etc. My Free Text Ads (banner above) gives you points on your downlines' points for residual traffic.

    Where do you start?

    Join a few to try them out. Don't join too many at once. Set up your text ads etc then move on to the next one. Warning - they will all have a one time offer when you join, offering you a deal on points, ads , upgrade to Pro status etc. Some of these will be worth having but then there are always offers when you log in anyway. If you join them one at a time you will get a feel for whether it's a good deal.

    Get organised. Use your contact gmail address so that you get the solo e-mails in place where you can log in and read/click links but they're not coming to your main e-mail address. If you are promoting several programs put the links all in one Word document so they're readily available. I keep a spreadsheet showing the exchange name, Pro or free status, number of text ads, number of solos available etc)

    You will also want to keep a list of all your referral IDs since most ad exchanges include a downline builder element.

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