Friday, August 1, 2008


    I ran across an interesting Program for promoting RSS feeds today - rssHugger. The site is built around a directory of RSS feeds, which is, of course, nothing new. But it has a few twists.
    First, it's 100% manually reviewed. Currently just over 2314 feeds and every one has been checked to make sure it's not spam and that the site is family friendly.

    Second, every site that's listed has to either pay a fee or post a review of the site. The benefit to that is that as more new site owners want to be listed, they'll be sending more readers to the directory. Like any good pyramid, it pays to be in on the ground floor.
    It has a Top 100 which resets monthly. Again, that's not a new thing, but right now it only requires a couple of dozen views to get in the top 100, so there's another reason to be in on the ground floor.

    Political bloggers especially will want to join this quick. There are currently only 5 sites in the politics section and none of them is really a quality politically centered blog - they all sort of touch on politics at the edges. Sites appear to be listed in the order of submission, so the first few good political blogs listed stand to gain a lot of readers.

    Join Now and Review this Site


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