Monday, September 22, 2008

    Forget websites: Think blogsites

    Forget static websites. What you really want is a blogsite. Here's why:

    1.  Easy to update and maintain.  Once created, your blogsite is almost effortless to update and maintain on a regular basis.  All you have to do is log into your administrator interface, create a post in a Word-like environment, publish the post, and it instantly appears on your blogsite. A well-maintained and updated blogsite is one to which visitors return. No longer will your website be the site that you (and time) forgot.

    2.  Create static webpages. The best feature of a blogsite is the ability to create static webpages, like About Us, Our Services, How We Work, etc., as found on a traditional website.  Your static pages can be displayed in a navigation bar across the top or down one side of your blogsite, as in a traditional website.  These pages can serve as your home page, or the blog part of your site can serve as your homepage instead. Now, anytime you add an additional program or service, you can simply go to your blogsite and instantly update your offerings.

    3. Create relationship with visitors. Unlike a traditional website, a blogsite has the blogging feature built in, which permits your visitors to comment on your posts.  You do need to post 2-3 times per week to the blog to begin to build the relationship, and then reply to the comments that come in from your visitors.  And your visitors are much more likely to return to your blogsite to see what else you have to say. That doesn't happen often with a traditional website.

    4.  Attractive to search engines. Search engines, Google in particular, love blogs.  I've posted a comment to a blog and had Google Reader index that comment within 5 minutes. No more waiting for weeks for the search engines to find your site!

    5.  Uses RSS feeds. No longer do you have to hope and pray that your email reaches its intended target.  With the use of RSS feeds, your blog posts are automatically syndicated to anyone who has requested them, and they arrive in your reader's RSS feeder almost instantly.

    6.  Promote your business throughout the site. Have a free giveaway or product or affiliate program you want to promote?  Now you can easily add that info to a sidebar of your blog and have that show up for the visitor regardless of what page the visitor lands on.

    7.  Offers Web 2.0 functionality. If you're using any social networking like Facebook or My Blog Log, most blogging platforms offer a widget or plug-in that will connect your visitor to your social networking profile.  There are other plug-ins that make your blogsite searchable, show related blogsites or related posts, display affiliate programmes etc.

    If your website needs an overhaul or you are about to launch your first site, seriously consider a blogsite. A blogsite will save you money, time and aggravation and get you connected much more quickly to your visitors and to the world at large.


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