Sunday, October 5, 2008

    5 points get stay updated and ahead of others in blogging ?

    Blogging is an easy job, agreed. But that's also it's disadvantage. Wondering how ? Well, just imagine this. If you are finding blogging easy and interesting, so is 10000 people out there, and that adds to your competition. Moral of the story - Be the first in anything.

    I guess every blogger would agree on it. Unless you are different and exclusive, readers will find you very dis-interesting and boring. So the whole point is about making yourself stand out from the crowd. So how can you accomplish it ? How can you actually stand out from the rest and make an impression on the visitor ?

    Here are a few pointers.

    1. Be up to date
      For this there are many methods. Go to and select your favorite category and it will list you all the top sites breaking news in that category.
    2. Read as many blogs as possible
      Reading others stuff can give you lot of ideas on what is hot and not. So if you are the kind who reads more blogs, then you have a chance of staying up to date.
      Ex: - Technology updates blog, SEO blogs, Digital photo tips blogs
    3. Follow digg
      Digg is a nice to place to hang out, have fun and at the same time get to know the top news. It is a social media site and gets a lot of inputs from geeks all around the world. Use it.
    4. Follow news sites
      News sites like and ar egood resources to stay uptodate with news. Subscribe to them and get to know the latest stories first.
    5. Social media interaction
      These days, everybody is on a social media site like orkut, facebook, hi5 and myspace. Use this community to know what people are talking about and indulge in them.

    Overall, stying up to date is about joining the top communities and subscribing to top authority blogs and regularly following them. I'm sure, if you love blogging, then you will love this too.


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