Monday, October 6, 2008

    Blogging Tips - Where to find topics to blog?

    When there are too many blogs out there, it's difficult to make an impression on the visitors. It's a truth. You have to be different and exclusive to impress the visitor who may be only spending 5 seconds or less on your blog. In some cases like technical blogs, the user spents onle less than 2 mins. The important thing is to keep them engaged for the five seconds. So how do you write those intersting topics coming in and how do you stay updated of the technology to deliver those exclusive up-to-date content ? Here are a few ways.

    1. Subscribe to feeds.
      Almost every blog out there has feeds or RSS subscription set up. Feel free to subscribe to them on a reader like Google reader. Because when you read other blogs, you will understand what everyone is talking about and stay updated.
    2. Yahoo answers.
      Yahoo answers is a good place to start looking for questions people are asking. People asks all sorts of questions there. And the reason why they are asking the question is because they haven't found the answer on the internet. So if you are able to provide them with an answer then you are probably delivering quality with some exclusive content.
    3. Participate in forums.
      Forums are another place to check for questions and discussions. Unless like in Yahoo answers, you can get to know the discussion and find what people like and what not. Reply to them with a post on your blog.
    4. Comment on blogs.
      Commenting on blogs is easy and an effective way to start communicating with others. Also, it gives you the opportunity to stay updated and see how people are reponding to a topic or opinion. You can make use of these opinions in your blogs while you arite it.
    5. See what's hot in Google trends.
      Google trends is another tool that will help you find out what people are searching for on Google and what the trend is like. If a search term is hot it means more people are searching for it, so you may want to write an article on it.

    So basically it's about finding what other people are searching about and connecting to them. If you follow these tools, you have a good chance of staying updated with topics on the internet. It might also be a good idea to keep you updated by following the SEO blogs around. They give regular updates on the tools available for blogging.


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