Wednesday, October 22, 2008

    How To Make Money With Anchored Links

    If you want to make money online with a blog or website there is one thing that is more important than anything else. Getting traffic to your website is crucial and the best way to do that is with anchored links. Getting on the first page of Google give you free targeted traffic and the way you do that is with anchored links. This is what an anchored link looks like: work from home jobs. Once you are on that first page of Google for a search term that gets a reasonable amount of searches, you can then start making money.

    When I started out online for the first time, I didn't understand what it took to make a website show up in Google for the things I wanted it to. I wrote and wrote and Google did send a few people my way, but never over 50 a day. The people that did show up came from a variety of searches that did me no good and I had nothing to sell them anyway.

    If you are just starting a blog, I suggest you pick some topic or theme and stick with it. That is essentially what niche websites are. A niche website is about one theme, one topic, or one product. Everything written should be about that one niche. The goal is to get that blog or website to show up on Google's first page for what you are writing about. If you are successful, you will then be getting highly targeted traffic of people specifically looking for what you are selling or discussing.

    Most people start a blog without a master plan and just hope that they can become famous like some of the top bloggers. Unless you are extraordinary gifted at writing, extremely entertaining, or have in depth knowledge about a topic of interest, your chances of making money that way are almost zero. There are many free ways to make money online but becoming famous is not one of them.

    In summary, don't just start a blog to be starting a blog. You need to have a plan of attack and go after some topic that interests you. you need to have some money making ideas and make sure there are some affiliate programs you can pitch to people down the line once you do get going and start to get some readers. Get as many anchored links as you can and work on moving your blog up to the front page of Google for whatever topic and phrases / keywords you choose. Once you get there throw in those affiliate products and start to make some money.


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