Thursday, November 13, 2008

    At last a tool which make keyword research process automatic

    At Last there is a way to know up front what are the best converting keywords

    Search engines can drive a lot of traffic to your website, but you have to use them actively. For potential visitors to find your website, it must show up when they do a search. Create "signs" (keywords) that point a roadmap to your website. The actual content on your website should contain the words that people would be typing in to a search engine. When the page contains the same words that people are searching for it becomes more relevant.

    Find out which words people are searching for and be very specific in the use of those words. Page relevance is determined by having more specific keywords when people perform a search. The starting point of the whole marketing strategy is the selection of keywords. Your target audience may never find you if you choose them incorrectly.

    It can be complex to find keywords that people are searching for about your product. The words that you may use may not be the same words that they are typing in to find you because, unlike them, you know a lot about product. Finding keywords relevant to your niche is important and using online tools can help with this. A good service is Word Tracker but when you go to set up your pay per click campaign with Google ad words or Yahoo, they have keyword tools available as well and you should use them. The current searches being done by the people looking for your product or service are recorded, making these tools valid.

    Once you have your keywords list is important to evaluate the potential effectiveness of them. A quick search for the keyword will show the number of results that appear so you can assess its popularity. The aforesaid services will also aid you at this. Search terms that are more popular are more likely to be entered into the search engines so you want to become relevant for those. Primarily, you should put yourself in the place of the consumer and set up your website so that someone who doesn't know anything about you will be able to find you.

    PPC Bully is an advanced keyword research tool developed by a highly experienced R&D team from Israel. It allows you to see exactly what your competitiors are doing, so you can "cash in" on their "test" and launch with the most lucrative combinations possible


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