Saturday, November 29, 2008

    The Best Free Blog Services

    What is a blog and blog services? Blogs are a major part of online activity in today's society. Millions of people blog daily. What exactly is blogging? A blog is a website which consists of various entries. These entries are written by the blogger. Blog entries are often called posts. All blog entries or posts appear in reverse chronological order featuring the most recent entry listed first. Blogging is very similar to a journal or diary. Majority of blogs include comments and links which are placed to gain user interactivity. Blogs are produced by a special software. Blogging is the act of writing blog entries or posts in a blog. Blogosphere or blog services sites usually consist of an online community of blogs and bloggers. Blogging is very therapeutic and a great way to be heard. You can even get paid to blog sometimes. It is possible to become a professional blogger because the activity has become so popular. People blog to express their thoughts and opinions, market or promote something, help other people, establish yourself as an expert, connect with people similar to you, to make a difference, to stay active or knowledgeable in a certain field or topic, to stay connected to friend and family, and to make money from various forms of media. Blogging plays a key role in many different causes.

    There are many different ways to blog and most of them are through free blog services. Majority of blog services are free. There are a few that charge for you to blog or upgrade to utilize their additional features. Blog services are sites that allow users to post blogs and they host the site. Blog services that are free come in many various features and styles. When you select a free blog service platform make sure you pick one that suits your blogging needs. and is a blog site dedicated to travel blogs. You can blog about all of your vacations and adventures from abroad on these free blog services. offers over 40MB of free online space to blog. is one of the most popular of free blog services they are very easy to use for novice bloggers. The templates help you set everything up with ease. is a free blog service site that offers RSS feeds and other very cool features. is also another free blog service that offers templates, friends only posts, and IP banning. is a free blog service that offers unlimited bandwidth for their free members and a paid member option that features additonal benefits. is a free blog service that offers multiple templates with anti-spam and extra features. is a free blog service with wiki that offers public and private display along with 2GB of storage for users. is a free blog service that offers a social networking feature with the blogging experience. is a blog service that mixes social networking along with photo galleries and other neat features. There are many options you can select when deciding the best free blog services to use.    

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