Friday, November 21, 2008

    Choosing The Right Tools


    In blogging, using the correct blog software tools can
    help you manage the goings-on of your blog. When it
    comes to publishing your blog content, there are two
    kinds of blog software tools that you can use, such
    as: the server-based tools and the client-based tools.
    Both of them have their own advantages and
    disadvantages and it is up to you to choose the one
    that is right for your blog.

    The Client-based Tools

    One of the two blog software tools that you can choose
    from is the client-based tools. These tools’ purpose
    is to aid you with publishing your blog and they are
    normally installed on your computer and also run from
    there. Additionally, client-based tools are also
    categorized as small blogs that are able to run from
    your hard drive.

    Client-based tools also have text editors that allow
    you to perform word processing applications from your
    own computer. Thus, a text blog editor enables you to
    create and publish your own content at the comfort of
    your own desktop.

    Obviously, the first advantage of using client-based
    tools, like the text editor, is convenience. Most
    bloggers choose to publish their work with a desktop
    tool rather than a Web browser, which entails logging
    into the blog software’s control panel and accessing
    the Web-based text editor.

    Additionally, client-based tools can be managed either
    locally or remotely. Such tools can allow you to
    manage and edit your posts remotely. More so, the
    content of your blog can also be managed locally by
    saving drafts to a local computer. These can be very
    beneficial to those with limited Internet connection
    since accessing and managing the content of your blog
    remotely and locally can be done without the need of
    being connected to the Internet.

    Lastly, you can manage multiple blogs through the use
    of client-based tools. If by any chance you are
    publishing more than one blog, it might be easier if
    you consider using a blog editor. The blog editor can
    be easily configured to manage all your blogs. You
    only have to enter the same information that you use
    to log in into your server tool combined with the
    particular kind of server software you are using and
    the blog editor can save that information in its

    The Server-based Tools

    Another kind of blog software tool that you can choose
    from is the server-based tools. There are two
    varieties of such tools: blog hosting service provider
    tools and server-based publishing tools.

    The first variety is automatically provided by your
    blog hosting service provider. Hosted blog software
    tools are very easy to use and you do not have to
    install any software or manage any configuration too
    difficult to comprehend. These kinds of tools can help
    you focus on publishing your content.

    With the use of hosted software tools, you are also
    provided with an assortment of design templates. These
    can help you in choosing the desired layout that suits
    your blog. More so, the layouts can be easily
    customized, including the fonts, columns, colors, etc.

    On the other hand, publishing tools you install on the
    server has the advantage of giving you the level of
    customization and control you need over the
    configuration settings. Through the use of these kinds
    of server-based tools, you can decide how much storage
    space you allocate, extend the features of your blog
    through plug-ins or add-ins and make custom layouts
    and pages.



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