Tuesday, November 25, 2008

    Google Conquest is about to drop...

    Google Conquest Blogging Platform

    When blogs initially arrived on the web a few years ago, they were initially considered  nothing beyond just an alternative, unsophisticated way for individuals to air their gripes, rants, and general complaints to the rest of the population.  However, fairly quickly, the intelligent people (like us marketers who have followed Alex's methods) have understood the use of blogs as a primary method of internet marketing - no matter what you are doing - like focussing on branding, sales, product promotion, etc. Google and the other major search engines LOVE blogs. Actually, let me clarify, Google loves blogs which are structured optimally to provide RELEVANT and on-topic content.  This is a fundamental factor with the Google Conquest blogging platform.  In conjunction with the fact it automates the optimization and promotes your site which are so important to getting the lifeblood of your blog flowing - which is TRAFFIC.

    As you may have noticed, blogs have literally taken over a majority of 1st page rankings in THOUSANDS of niches. In fact, many sites that you visit could very well be a blog, but they don't appear like the traditional WordPress blog that we can spot from a mile away (using WordPress as an example). These blog themes have become very sophisticated in look and feel and have become a very powerful method to promote a variety of products and/or services.  There are literally thousands and thousands of markets which are completely ripe for domination by throwing up a properly search engine optimized blog and having it appear not just on the first page of the Google results, but in position #1. The best part of blogging is, especially using tools such as Google Conquest, is they are VERY EASY to stay organized and keep track of.  You compose your article or post, hit the publish button and voila!, your article is available for the world to see - all properly formatted, keyword and tag optimized, and with a vast amount of ways to drop in Youtube videos or pictures or sound bytes as well as numerous other widgets with the  press of a button.  No need to figure out complex HTML or PHP scripts or AJAX or Drupal etc etc etc.

    Another key feature of a blog is its ability to "syndicate" your posts using RSS feeds (really simple syndication). RSS Feeds are basically a way of announcing your freshly written articles to potentially THOUSANDS of other blogs or websites which are "listening" for RSS Feeds based on your market to post on their own sites - again, yet another feature in Alex's Google Conquest System which will automate this tedious promotional (but very effective process.

    Imagine, using Alex's Google Conquest System, you can literally create a blog from nothing, populate it with articles that you didn't even write, monetize it with Google Adsense Advertisements or Amazon Products or Clickbank products, announce it's RSS feed to the world, and within five minutes, have a ton of visitors coming to your site... Guru hocus pocus?  It Isn't, and it's arrived... NOW. Google Conquest blogging platform


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