Thursday, November 13, 2008

    Merry Christmas Giveaway - ONE THOUSAND USD Referral Contest - The Largest List Building Event of the Year !!!

    Greetings EveryOne,

    The upcoming Merry Christmas Giveaway has in the past proven to be our largest List building event of the year.

    This year we hope to exceed prior years and we have a referral contest 1st prize of 500.00* cash for this event.In fact our referral contest will be awarding 1000 USD.* for five different levels of the contest (*see signup page for details)

    This is your invitation to join the Merry Christmas Giveaway Event as a JVPartner/Gift Contributor:

    With the Merry Christmas Giveaway high referral contest award and the heavy hitters in list building - this event should bring in hundreds of subscribers and gift recipients.

    Be sure to consider the Upgrade Option and possibly receive hundreds of subscribers with your gift being presented during the entire duration of the giveaway (not 7 days but 30 days) versus possibly not showing at all* (*see signup page for details).

    So get into action now and join before the Contributor/JV Partner phase ends - the earlier you join and get started promoting the better chance you have of marketing your way to one of the referral prizes and more ......

    Have a GREAT Holiday Season,

    Haroon Hameed


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