Monday, November 10, 2008

    Search Engine Optimization For Your Blog

    Blog Search Engine Optimization

    Blog owners that want to increase their site traffic without marketing or promotional tactics, will need to use some type of search engine optimization. Search engine optimization can be a highly debated topic however, most experts seem to agree that the best way to optimize search engines is for you to have one-way inbound links or an established reciprocal and you need to ensure you make use of keyphrases on your pages.

    The first phase of any search engine optimization project is researching those keywords. You will need to find out which keywords you should use to bring in the highest amount of traffic and then you can begin optimization. You can do this by purchasing inexpensive software such as ’Blogger Generator’; ’Atomic Blogging System’ or ’Keyword Explosion’ each has the potential to better optimize your blog.

    Record all of the returns you receive for an Overture Inventory search you perform on your given keyword. Your next step will be to analyze the site or page supply for your keywords. This can be done by using Google to search for each keyword returned. In addition to this, you may want to record the return data by number, however, you need to also look at where the high ranking competition is that is also using the same keywords. The best keywords used in an search engine optimization purposes will show a listing of high search counts, lower site returns, and competitors.

    Your next step should be to perform onpage search engine optimization. You can do this by using your selected keywords as titles and headers on different pages of your blog. You will then want to fill those pages will good information about the keyword in question; additionally, you will want to optimize it for a keyword density of 1.5%.

    The final step in your search engine optimization process will be to conduct offpage optimization, which will better help to generate blog traffic. This can be done by adding links to directories that have specific keywords already in the link title. In addition, you can also become a member of a link swap program where you can make exchanges with other well performing blogs.


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