Thursday, December 4, 2008

    The 7 best wordpress plugins for making money

    7 Of The Best Wordpress Plugins

    The Wordpress platform is the most widely used platform on the internet, and quite rightly so. Wordpress is the number one platform if you are looking at starting your own onlinebusiness or converting from a website to a blog.

    Google recognises the value that wordpres provides by giving new blogs with good content a google listing almost straight away. You can be up and listed in a few hours with a wordpress blog.

    The standard wordpress blog is nothing special, with a very basic platform for you to look at. and adjust. But there are so many good free ones out there that you can get carried away just looking at them.

    Another post will cover the free wordpress blogs that look good and where to find them.

    7 of the best wordpress plugins is quite a difficult one with so many to choose from. But if you listen to the experts and choose wisely you can build a good blog or blogs that will look good and be easy to adjust for years to come.

    These plugins are designed to help maximize your blog to improve traffic, help easy maintenance, provide a good looking blog with quality content, and get some cash rolling into your bank account.

    Before you install any plugins I would advise you to learn what a wordpress blog is all about. Make sure you have got a good looking blog. Copyblogger is one such blog. Then make sure you understand how to adjust your blog. There is work to do here, so don't expect an easy ride. If you want to moneytize your blog you need to be able to keep it looking good.

    Once you have mastered this you will then start to build up a decent following and hopefully making a living online. Do not go down the line of trying to build hundreds of blogs and making cash from them. This is old hat and rarely works.

    The only people making money these days are those super affiliates selling the products. That is another story on my website.

    7 of the best wordpress blogs

    No 1 - All In One SEO Pack
    No 2 - Socialize
    No 3 - What would Seth Godin Do
    No 4 - Caffeinated Content
    No 5 - Auction Ebay Ads" target="_blank">Auction eBay Ads
    No 6 - Clickbank RSS Generator
    No 7 - Wordpress Affiliate Pro" target="_blank">Wordpress Affiliate Pro
    No 8 - Auto Social Poster- Take a look at our website at what this baby can do

    Okay thats 8. I cant count. These are the tip of the iceberg and there are probably 10 more that would make your life easy.

    Take a look at our website to see the top 21 wordpress blog plugins that we currently use.

    There are more facts that you need to know if you want to make money online at our website. This is just the beginning. Lest check them out.

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