Monday, December 8, 2008

    Backing up your PageSites

    We get questions from bloggers all the time... The most common one is "How do I backup pages on FaceBook?".  So being the power users we are, we took note some documentation about a useful plugin for Firefox called ScrapBook.  We went, we downloaded, we put it through the ringer. And you know what? This works for every social website we tried!

    ScrapBook is a good way to keep all that data you have on any number of sites safe with a local copy that your internet backup can automatically archive for you. With one program! No command line this, install plugin that, it just saves it so you can put the pieces back together if any of them should go bad on you.

    How you are wondering? Here's how it works.

    A First, go to the ScrapBook download page ( Just click the green Install Now button and then restart Firefox when it tells you to.

    B Once Firefox has restarted, you’re ready to use ScrapBook.

    C Click onto one of your social websites you'd like to save with ScrapBook. Once you’re there, on the menu, select Capture Page As.

    D "Capture Page As" will let you pick the link depth you'd like to archive. This is a important! This is how you can automatically back up all the links on your page. With the depth set to zero, you wouldn't automatically archive those extra pages. You'd be able to if it's set to 1. But if it were set to 2, you would have saved all the secondary pages, etc.

    E After picking the options you want, click Capture. A copy is now saved! Now, go to the ScrapBook menu and click Show in Sidebar. You can now see the captured page list.

    To review, here's what we have so far? You now have a local copy of all the content on your Squidoo, etc. page. So if anything goes south, your covered. But like Billy Mays always says... "But Wait, there's More".

    If you have a online backup product like CloudBackup on your computer just make sure that it's configuration has your personal files selected for backup. That way you can have all your social websites backed up and preserved with the rest of your computers essential data. And Firefox runs on windows, Mac, and Linux all the same.  Not only will your computer have a full online backup, but your social websites will be too.


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