Thursday, January 22, 2009

    Blogger Generator Review – Create Blogger Blogs On AutoPilot

    Blogger generator is a software tool developed by Joe Tierney who also developed other blackhat SEO tools such as the trackback generator and the blog farm generator.

    What does Blogger Generator do?

    Blogger generator allows you to build large numbers of blogger blogs on autopilot. This means it can build hundreds of blogger blogs in a few hours plus auto update it with content that you choose.

    I have used this tool for quite a while and although it takes a while to get used to the options, after a while, everything becomes simple and you can really appreciate the power it can do. Plus Joe is constantly updating the software so it isn´t those products that never get fixed or updated by the owner.

    Blogger Generator comes with a suite of tools. The main tool is of course is the blogger generator program.

    All the user have to do is enter some information such as keywords and where to get the content and off it goes to create blogger blogs. The only non automated thing is the CAPCHA value which you must enter manually.

    The program is very stable and does not crash easily after even several hours of building thousands of blogs.

    The other program bundled is called blogger verifier which requires a catchall domain email address. What it does is it will automatically verify any blogger blog created using various email address which of course does not exist but is forwarded to your catchall email address. This saves you a lot of time in verifying blogger verification emails.

    The third program is the article grabber and as it´s name implies, it scrapes articles from ezinearticles according to the keywords you specified earlier. It is simple to use and everything is done automatically.

    The fourth program is called Grablinks. What it does is simply grab the sitemap of your blog or website and read all the URLs in it for use in the blog poster pro. This is used more for baclinks to your money site.

    Blogger Generator is a great tool if you want to create hundreds if not thousands of blogger blogs in a few hours. Although some blogger blogs will get deleted, the majority of my blogs are still around even after 6 months and it is so easy to create more.

    If you want to create blogger blogs on autopilot, i recommend you check out my Blogger Generator review. Learn how Joe Tierney Blogger Generator can make you money online.


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