Friday, January 2, 2009

    Journalspace Suffers Utter Failure has fallen and can't get up. They tell on their site that their whole database was overwritten by malicious act or some sort of bug. How they lost the data isn't important, what is important to know is that they thought RAID was backup and now know that it clearly isn't.

    And the hard work of all their users being lost makes their users innocent victims. They believed that their data was safe at Journalspace and have now realized it wasn't. How many Journalspace accounts had a backup of their own? How many can recover? Thousands of journals were all lost from the lack of a good backup. How do you cover yourself for just such an issue? Do you have a good copy? Are your websites at risk? It is of course. Journalspace was no small entity and they lost it all. Your responsibility to yourself is to make sure you can recover from somebody elses disaster.

    It's as simple as this. Protect your data with a backup. Get your blogs backed up. Back up the data from your websites. Back up your PC's. Just do it and do it now. And tape, portable drives, cdroms, etc can't be trusted. They all use media and media isn't permenant enough. You need to use an online backup with a provider that specializes in storing data. The minimum features you should require is the capacity to do incremental backups. That it be a Online Backup to keep your data safe. That a network drive on your system is in reality your online backup volume. And that you can back up all your blogs, websites, dedicated servers, computers, etc. with a single user account.

    Compare some internet backup services right now. Find the services with these features and get backed up now. Get it over with. Don't be caught without a backup like the people who don't have one and their provider lost it all. Protect your data and make certain that you don't suffer the fate that Journalspace users are suffering through right now.


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