Sunday, March 1, 2009

    Awesome Giveaway from Tellman Worth Over 4000 $

    Tellman went CRAZY!


    I don't know if you've ever hear of his
    Perpetual Marketing Machine, but short
    of Mass Control by Frank Kern it's probably
    the most revered and sought after home
    study course ever made.

    The success rate of his students is
    absolutely outstanding.

    between Tellman and his students,
    a whopping $2 mil has been pulled in
    over the last year alone using only
    what you'll find inside the course.

    and here's the kicker:

    It's a GIVEAWAY.


    he's actually handing out copies of this
    thing all 'willy-nilly', to anyone who wants
    to learn.

    (you can bet I grabbed mine already!)

    I hope you get over there quick, because I know
    he's not keeping it up there for all to grab for very
    long, but he won't say exactly when it's coming down...

    anyway, I wanted you to have the chance to learn
    how you can start pulling in five figures a week like
    his students :-)


    (That way you can buy more stuff from me!)

    Grab yours while it's still a freebie,
    a chance like this only comes around
    once in a while -


    "fortune favors the bold"


    Haroon Hameed


    I'm not getting you a Christmas present,
    so consider this a gift from me...

    it's worth about four grand, so it's not
    like I cheaped out on you :-)



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