Wednesday, February 3, 2010

    Cisco CCDP Certification Exams

    Completing CCDP exams is essential for network experts in the design area. Major corporations have made certification exams a must for all its professionals, so that there is a way to find out that a candidate fulfills the needs of his job. This is picking up in mid-level companies too as there is a large talent pool to choose from and nobody knows for sure who has the best skills for the job. While hiring suitable candidates and training them is the trend that is followed in some companies, most of them prefer to hire certified candidates, so that the company can save time. Also, it is better to train the employee’s one batch after another and it is difficult to train individuals as and when they are hired.

    CCDP Exams:

    642-892 Exam

    642-873 Exam

    Having understood this trend, even lesser experienced candidates and freshmen prefer to spend a few months in becoming certified, since they know that it will pay them back. A similar thing is happening among highly experienced professionals as they want to carve a niche for themselves. Even if the professionals themselves want to postpone their certification plans, the companies employing them request them to plan their certification exams. In either case, it is mandatory for professionals to get a certification. Certifications are the only way in which a company can weigh the skills of a person.

    The actual exams of CCDP certification are three in number and you are offered the flexibility to combine two exams among the three. The following are the CCDP exams – Building Cisco Internetworks, Building Cisco Switched Networks in addition to Network Service Architecture design. The Cisco Internetworks and Cisco Switched Networks exams can be combined. You should be prepared to attempt simulation type questions and multiple choice type queries. You must be interested in re-certification too. Plan to complete the re-certification exams – CCDE or CCIE or professional level exam before the last day of your CCDP validity.

    For CCDP preparation, make use of offline or online resources. After using free online resources, if you come across paid online resources, find out how good they are. If they are quite good, pay and make use of them. Similarly, find out more about excellent offline resources and use them. You should be willing to exchange whatever resources you have with other test takers.


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