Thursday, June 16, 2011

    ListABlaze - Set Your List Building on Fire

    Sometimes when I am using many list builders my ads were just not being seen by the Targetted Audience . I tracked my conversions and realized what a waste of time it was a first.

    That was until I learned about ListABlaze which totally revolutionizes the list building industry.

    This site has unique rewards and an activity system
    so I know my ads are being seen by real people and
    getting real results.


    ListAblaze is the most unique list builder to ever hit the net. With a full support JV sponsorship and tons of unique features this is the hottest launch ever in the list building history.

    Normal list builders lack features and one of the most important that ListAblaze addresses is inactive accounts. If a member does not click on an email ad for 14 days their account becomes inactive and thus you don't waste credits on dead accounts.

    This allows for higher conversion rates and a way to keep everyone active in the system. They even go one step further by having a rewards system that resets each month. This system resets monthly and each time a level is unlocked you can claim an advertising prize.

    I invite you to ignite your list building stratigies today.



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