Tuesday, June 28, 2011

    Qualities Of A Good Writer

    Qualities Of A Good Writer

    by Zane Grey

    To be a successful writer, you need the writer tools, tools to be used for typing and writing, books and reference materials, encyclopedias, dictionaries and etc. After all, a writer needs some kind of help write all of the adventure books, novels and literary pieces that he plans to unleash over the world.

    But, there is something apart from the tools that really make a writer good, and that is, the right attitude, the right mentality and the right qualities. Tools can only help in writing, but to write well, a writer must have the following qualities.

    * A writer must be determined and hard-working. All famous writers were not born famous. They had to work themselves to the bone for that fame, and they wrote tirelessly in order to be able to deliver the award-winning literary pieces that made them famous and rich. Remember, determination and hard work goes a long way, most especially, for writers.

    * Also, determination and hard work can only take you as far as your intelligence can. So, in line with that, a writer must be smart, intelligent and above all, have the wit it takes to become a good writer. A good sense of humor is also necessary to touch the audience.

    * Discipline is also the key to success and to become a better writer. When you write, you must instill discipline within yourself, and if you happen to write for a living, it is important that you write and improve constantly. Just write as much as you can, and continue to improve.

    * A writer must also have a good circle of friends, both online and in real life, that you can pass your drafts, stories and other written pieces to them so that they can both critic and appreciate your work. It also is good if you have writer friends, so that they can help you with your skills by telling you what is wrong with your work, whether it is in your writing style, or if you have any technical or grammar issues.

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