Thursday, July 28, 2011

    How To Blend Marketing With Social Media

    How To Blend Marketing With Social Media

    by Bonnie Chomica

    People new to social media typically think that each social platform is a stand alone tactic. Not so. Your overall marketing strategy for your home business should include social media, but it should be used in conjunction with all your brand and marketing initiatives.

    Gain online credibility by being active with social marketing, and to springboard your web presence even more, have your social links in your blog, your articles, and anything you do offline, as well.

    Here are 3 ideas on how to leverage social media and all your marketing efforts.

    Blend and Mix

    When you say something in one thing, make sure you say the same thing in another. Be consistent so you don't confuse your audience.

    Make sure your social media presence is all over your website, your blog, and your email signature. It should be on any print material as well, like business cards, print ads, or printed brochures.

    Whenever you send a marketing communique, it should have your Twitter and Facebook addresses, at a minimum. If you have a blog or newsletter, include links to your social profiles and make it easy for someone to connect with you.

    On your social profiles, make sure you have links to your blog and web site. Link Twitter to Linkedin and Facebook and back. You have options galore.

    Cross Promote

    Use your social media accounts to cross promote all of your marketing material. It's like you are your own distribution network.

    When you publish a blog post, share the link to it on your social accounts, and in your newsletter. Are you promoting something on Facebook? Post it on Twitter and your website. Because you are driving links across the web, your search rankings should also improve. Get it?

    Make sure you also provide content from other parties. Your customers want to be enlightened, educated and entertained. Don't just sell, sell, sell, or they will unfollow you.

    Search for bloggers and articles, or videos and websites, that might help your customers. Use sites to share content like Digg and Delicious, too.


    Whenever you are stuck for content to share, have a look at all your old blog posts and articles, and think how you can use them again.

    Take an old article and rewrite it from a different perspective. If you have a 'how to' blog post, turn it into a video, or slide show. Turn an old blog into a newsletter article.

    Being seen on another website or blog is a great opportunity to share that link from your website, Linkedin, Twitter, etc. You look more credible when being promoted by another party, and expose your customers to another resource.

    If you can be found in more places, you'll get more readers, and more exposure. More exposure equals more followers that may lead to sales. That's why we're all here, right?

    So, make sure your message is consistent across all your company's marketing activities, cross pollinate your links to all your accounts, and repurpose your material into something new and fresh. Your home business reputation and brand will look more professional and ultimately lead to more sales.

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