Monday, August 22, 2011

    Guru Masterclass Bonuses

    Guru Masterclass Bonuses

    by David King

    IF you are looking to get started in information marketing then Eben Pagan is the guy to learn from. Eben Pagan to date has sold more than 100 million dollars in online information products. Information marketing is a space where you can make a large amount of money by giving away information and advice. The expertise industry is huge and only growing at a faster rate.

    In guru masterclass you will learn how to enter a market, what to do to make a successful product and the whole big picture process in order to make this a success. The guru masterclass will teach you how to not only master the basics behind creating your own information products but it will also teach you how to understand the big picture strategy so that you can really scale your business.

    I am offering several bonuses for this product. If you are interested in picking it up then you mine as well get a bonus from me for buying it. My first bonus offering is to give you 2 hours of coaching for your business for free. If you were to hire me as a business coach you would pay $800 for this. In this two hour period we would do everything from establish your product, market, marketing method, offer and get you ready to get your first sale.

    After these coaching sessions you would know exactly what you need to do step-by-step in order to get your first info product up and rolling. The second bonus offer that I have for you is for you to pick another bonus of your choice. I have promoted several products like this in the past and some people don't want to have the follow up coaching so if you want some electronic toy or whatever you can just contact me on facebook or my site and we can work something out.

    Visit my blog below and we will talk about what you want to do, talk to you soon!

    David King

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