Monday, September 19, 2011

    The Overview of Microsoft Office 2003

    The Overview of Microsoft Office 2003

    by Jozo Ujhely

    Microsoft Office 2003 was an important version of the Office that noticeably improved it's sharing and collaboration possibilities and also introduced many great new features. In this piece you will find all that you need to know about Office 2003, I show you it's benefits, but also it's inadequacies.

    Office 2003 is the 1st version of this bundle of text-editing software that does not introduce any significant improvements in it's core applications: Word, Excel and Powerpoint. Instead the key theme is collaboration, sharing of files and communication between members of a work team.

    Whereas until now Microsoft Office enabled individual users to work in a more efficient way, saving them effort and time, in this release Office is making an attempt to make collaboration on a document with your colleagues much easier. Microsoft Office is employed primarily in the business environment where collaboration clearly makes lots of sense. That's one of the explanations why Office 2003 has been such a great success. To give it a go simply grab a trial copy at Microsoft Office 2003 Free Download web site.

    But there are some new cool features in Microsoft Word which gained new option of viewing a document, it's called Reading Layout. It makes reading thru your document like browsing a book. It looks really nice and is excellent for checking your document before it is sent out as finished. Tablet PC users will be pleased to realise that Office can at last be running on their tablet devices. You can actually get a trial of the Office

    There's also a completely new Outlook included in this latest release of Microsoft Office. The user interface of the Outlook has been completely modified and it's now much simpler and easy to use. You can now check and answer your email messages much more fast and efficiently.

    Microsoft is clearly targeting this release of the Office to the enterprise users, both big corporations and small firms. Home users are not so significant for Microsoft which clearly believes that the biggest profits can be made selling software to business clients.

    For a great source of information and critiques of Microsoft Word go to Microsoft Word Free Download web site. If you're fascinated by 2003 version of Word you should check out Microsoft Word 2003 Free Download review.


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