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    Unique Content Article: 7 Keys to Get Back Links Like the Pros

    7 Keys to Get Back Links Like the Pros

    by Victor C. Krumm

    Most folks do not know it but the lion's share of people that build sites fall into the same two categories:

    1. They share the same philosophy: "Build it and they will come."

    2. Their web pages fail to produce significant traffic and visitors.

    You can recognize them because they are among the 99% of all "web masters" who split just 1% of the search traffic.

    That isn't hyperbole. Web research has demonstrated the web pages appearing in the top 20 results of a searcher's Search Results get 99% of all the internet traffic for the keyword in that search, leaving a meager 1% of traffic for the 99% of pages that don't get into a search engine's top tier of Search Results.

    In contrast to these web losers are those professional website owners who only recognise "Build it and they will come" as a punch line in an older film.

    Their philosophy is to do what Coca-Cola does: market everywhere, constantly.

    Ever noticed that the world's best known brand is always advertising? TV, radio, web sites, from little league fields to worldwide professional sports stadiums, paper cups, signs, banners.

    It knows this: more is better.

    And, so do the most successful Internet marketers.

    High on the "to-do" list of the planet's best marketing experts is to push their websites across the Net to as many platforms, websites, and blogs as possible---and then to more!.

    They are looking for three things: exposure, traffic and, perhaps most critically, back links.

    They know that Google values the quantity and quality of back links highly when determining where a web page should be displayed in the Search Results.

    They are successful because they use technology and automation to broadcast articles they have written across hundreds or thousands free <a href="">article submission sites</a> and permit everybody who wants to copy their articles and use them on their own websites or blogs, provided only that these web masters publish the articles without changing a single thing on them.

    They also do something awfully clever. At the bottom each article, they place two, sometimes three, back links to their internet pages.

    Now, who reads these articles?

    Turns out, many thousands of people scour article directories daily hunting for free content for their own Internet site or blog . For these users, building a new page is little more than just copying the article from the article submission site and pasting it into their own blog or website .

    Turns out, this is a win-win for everybody. The pros get important back links which will help them rank well with the search engines for letting other web masters get the benefit of free, ready-to-use content. In return, the users help promote the author's site because they leave his back links untouched.

    More is better.

    And even more is better yet.

    At its core, article marketing is simply about getting more back links than your competitor.

    And, that is where massive article syndication comes into play.

    Here's how the pros do it. They:

    1. Write (or outsource) an original, good quality article of no less than 300 words ( five paragraphs or even more ).

    Why: Google is looking for relevant substantive material. 300 words is the recommended minimum.

    2. Use modern "spinning" technology to create unique versions of that single article.

    Why: Google has sophisticated filters that identify and devalue duplicate content. Thus, the need to create different versions that will pass those filters.

    3. Build an author's resources box at the base of the article with links back to two pages of the site being promoted, using good keywords as anchor text.

    Why: Rather than hoping somebody will take the time to build a link back to them, experts build the links they desire and choose the keywords for which they want to rank highly.

    4. Publish each article to the most appropriate category in an article directory in which it is to be displayed.

    Why: If you want to market a beauty shop website, where do you think that you are more likely to get traffic and get back links: a category about beauty or a category about cancer?

    5. Broadcast, at the clicking of their mouse, unique "spun" versions to huge numbers of of free directories and blogs using online services offering automation.

    Why: More is better. Your time has value. Why waste it when automation is available?

    6. Publish articles continually.

    Why: Coca Cola. Advertise everywhere you can, all the time. Keep the brand in front of everybody, everywhere.

    You do not want to be a Web pro to get identical results.

    But you have to do the same stuff they do.

    If you're truly serious about getting to the top Search Results of Google, write a top quality <a href=""> ezine article</a>, use technology to make thousands of different versions and automation to publish those unique articles to hundreds of free<a href=""> submission directories</a>. Do this consistently and your rankings in Search Results will soar.

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