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    Unique Content Article: The Correct Way to Implement Blog Commenting

    The Correct Way to Implement Blog Commenting

    by Letitia Mooney

    If you want lots of targeted traffic to find your blog or your website you need to understand what is involved in gaining exposure both through the search engines and through other means too. When we say "search engines" we aren't just talking about optimizing your own site for page ranking purposes, we also mean gaining lots of relevant backlinks. While you certainly have all sorts of options for building backlinks to your site or blog, blog commenting is still one of the best options. Of course, your primary problems are going to be both finding blogs on which to leave comments and then ensuring that the blog owner approves the comments you leave. Keep reading to learn which steps you should take to ensure that it gets the job done.

    Use Your First Name: Bloggers are more wily these days and they have an easier time figuring out whether or not your intentions are good. This is why you should try to avoid any situation that makes you look like you're spamming the blog. If you leave a comment on a blog it is important to also leave your first name and not simply your primary keyword because it simply makes more sense to do so. You have to look like a real, genuine person that's contributing to the blog, rather than a spammer who is trying to get an anchor text filled keyword noticed by the search engines.

    Search for DoFollow Blogs: One of the main reasons why you're commenting on blogs in the first place is to get backlinks that matter. So if you want to have a SEO advantage when you leave blog comments, you need to look for DoFollow blogs that will accept comments from people. Yes, it does take time to sift through the number of blogs to discover the DoFollow ones but in the end it'll be worth it because the backlinks that you get from the blog will actually be counted by the search engines.

    Search for Blogs Known for Approving Comments: There are blogs out there that would not approve your comments no matter how well you put them out, which is why you should try to search for blogs that are known to approve well written comments. You can figure this out by looking to see if there are other comments there and how long ago they were approved. There is no doubt that you are going to have to look through quite a few blogs before you find one that is good and eventually your hard work will pay off because of the success you will achieve.

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    The goals you have for your traffic aren't important here because in this scenario you're after quality not quantity. Once you manage to leverage blog commenting the right way, you will see with your own eyes that your time was worth it because not only are the links you built top notch, so is the traffic that those links send to your websites. So if you want good things to happen, now is the time to take action.

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    Title: The Correct Way to Implement Blog Commenting
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