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    Unique Content Article: How do you get out of a career rut?

    How do you get out of a career rut?

    by Jarrod Demeza

    It is easy to end up indifferent when you work in the same role for a while. You might dedicate endless hours, monthseven several years to a business however you haven't moved forward. The fact is that the climb up the corporate ladder might not always be a linear progression. You may well be expected to sit and wait patiently (or impatiently) for an opportunity. This is truer than ever in our current economic climate; companies are running as lean as they possibly can, which means that there are tighter budgets and most likely less positions to fill. So when you understand that your job is in a rut, what can you do to fix it?

    In case moving up the ladder is not a possibility for you, why not try shifting sideways (Yes, that's right, sideways!) Should you be prepared to leave your safe place, branching out across sections offers you the chance to have a better understanding of the company while broadening your expertise. I've experienced this first hand during my own career as a developer. Downsizing resulted in the IT and marketing divisions merging so my time was assigned less to development and more to Search Engine Optimization. I was uncertain at the beginning, nevertheless it was certainly better compared to being unemployed. I had to study pretty hard but soon enough I was becoming competent in the tools and strategies necessary to keep our websites high in the search engine results. Given the chance to learn new things reminded me what it had been like when I first started out in the company. Not only did I find that I was revitalized-but there was an added bonus and when it came time to review my wage the new abilities that I had acquired permitted me to negotiate an improved agreement.

    The truth is that I was rather fortunate to be granted that chance and that perhaps this is not a possibility for everybody. If you can't see any room to develop or if your circumstances are different altogether it may be beneficial to look somewhere else. Maybe this is your first job and you have been labelled as the junior and despite all of your best efforts you can't get anyone to take you seriously. Or maybe your attitude has changed and you simply aren't sure what you are doing in this industry anymore. You may feel underutilized, underappreciated, underpaid, or simply overworked. Either way, if you no longer love your job you might need to get out and start over. Although you need to make sure that before leaving your current job that you do as much research and ask as many questions as possible. Make sure that the grass really is greener; a new job may appear more exciting, more challenging, and gives more paybut looks may be misleading. You might find the same annoyances elsewhere and be no better off.

    If you decide to proceed with your job search then you need to develop a plan. Go ahead and check the local newspaper/employment websites for jobs that fit your ability and experience. See how competitive the market is. Figure out what employers are seeking. Must you upgrade your skills; do you first need to take a course? If your plan is to change careers altogether then look for jobs that are a good blend between what you love and what you are good at. If it is something which is entirely new for you than be ready to take that initial pay cut as you build experience. Once you have conducted the initial research, clean up your resume and rehearse your interviewing techniques. Draft a schedule that sets out who you will get in touch with and how frequently. Are you going to approach recruitment agencies? How many copies of your CV are you going to send out? In the course of this process be sure that you have a contingency plan. What happens if your manager discovers your intentions to leave? Are you ready to leave work sooner than expected? Or what if they counter offer? You need to be prepared for these scenarios.

    Ultimately-work is a major portion of your life today and will be until the day that you retire. When you are in a job that is causing you to be miserable then you should take active steps to discover a job that you love. By all means, try your hardest to make the most of your current position firstbut if that is not possible make sure you do your research and are well prepared in your job search. All the best.

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