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    Unique Content Article: Income from a Commercial Pilot License

    Income from a Commercial Pilot License

    by Steve Brennan

    A topic I am often asked about is what kind of pilot license do I actually need to fly for a living. In other words what class of flying license do I need to reach in order to fly for an aircraft operator or airline and get paid for it? For fixed wing aircraft there are 3 basic licenses which I am going to explain today. They are: Private Pilots License, Commercial Pilot License and an Airline Transport License.

    As far as your training syllabus is concerned the private pilot license is the 1st you may attempt. This license will permit you to fly your mates, family and acquaintances around the country on a trip away or maybe even a joy flight. The important thing to note here is that you cannot be paid for these flights, you are able split the costs between you and your passengers but that is all. This license doesn't allow you to find a job as a pilot and earn cash.

    The next license is a commercial pilot license. When you become a commercial pilot you currently have the ability to fly for hire or reward. Meaning you now have the ability to take a job in a commercial flying operation and be paid for your work. Many new pilots will start their flying career in jobs such as single engine aircraft charter, joy flights, parachute operations, banner towing or maybe flight instruction. Just about all commercial operations can be done with a commercial license except bigger airline operations.

    In order to fly for an airline you will have to obtain an Airline transport pilots license. This is accomplished by building up a certain amount of flying hours as a <a href="">commercial pilot</a> and passing an airline transport pilots license written examination. After passing these two needs you will be issued with an ATPL and will then be eligible to sign up for a flying career with one of of the airlines.

    All airlines specify a minimum experience requirement and as long as you have got this you are eligable to apply. So to summarize, so long as you have achieved a commercial license you are eligable to fly and earn a pilot salary.

    On his website Steve Brennan debates many subjects surrounding the airline industry in relation to pilots. From <a href="">commercial pilot</a> training to the more arguable <a href="">pilot salary</a> amounts.

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    Title: Income from a Commercial Pilot License
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