Sunday, February 17, 2008

    How to Get Indexed by Google

    I see a lot of people complaining that their sites are not after months of going live. I just launched a new site (LolDawgz) Wednesday evening. It’s a blog, and I did spend some time preparing posts prior to launching the site so that I would have several posts on the day it launched. I’m happy to say, the site was indexed by Google, with a few backlinks showing, in under 24 hours after I followed all 10 of the tips below on my “fast seo checklist”.

    I’d like to share these tips and tricks with my readers here and for anybody who is interested in learning how to get your site indexed fast. This is not the first site I’ve had indexed that quickly, in fact, every blog or site I launch, or launch for a client has been indexed in 24-48 hours. Please remember what I statedin the paragraph above, that I had already created several posts worh of content prior ro registering the domain, installing Wordpress and launching the blog. I’ve gotten into the habit of launching new sites this way because I had a few bad experiences in the past with sites getting indexed while they were still parked or while they had no content on them. this can easily lead to a site getting for months (which is not a fun thing).

    Tips for Getting Indexed By Google

    #1 ) Use and add your RSS feed to Feedburner.
    #2 ) Submit an article from your blog or website to Netscape
    #3 ) Submit your site to Technorati and learn to tag your posts.
    #4 ) Submit your blog to BlogCatalog and MyBlogLog
    #5 ) Digg (or have someone else) Digg a post from your site
    #6 ) Submit your site to Stumbleupon
    #7 ) Post your link into the “Reviews” folder at DigitalPoint Forums
    #8 ) Add yor site to the Google Webmasters Console
    #9 ) Submit a photo album to Flickr and add your URL in your profile
    #10 ) Add your site to a few blog directories like BlogRateDirectory
    #11) Add Google Adsense to your site
    #12) If you’re a blogger, submit your articles to Recommend Us
    #13 ) Post on forums and add your site to your signature. A good list of forums is here Best Forums For Social Networking and Gaining Backlinks

    Things to avoid:

    #1 ) Bulk directory submissions such as “submit express” - you will only end up with an inbox full of spam

    #2 ) Don’t spam your site to things like Adlandpro or craigslist
    #3 ) Don’t spam other peoples blogs or forums
    #4 ) Do Not use pre-written articles or otherwise duplicate content
    #5 ) Do not use email spam to promote your site.
    #6 ) Do not stuff your site with hidden keywords. Read this article from Matt Cutts - SEO tip: Avoid keyword stuffing

    ***Please note: if you’re running a spammy site with crap content or a doorway page to an affiliate program, forget about these tips.

    Oh no, I think I just gave away the best tips from all those crappy E-Books you might buy on Clickbank for *free* !!!!


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