Sunday, February 17, 2008

    Affiliate Marketing And Article Writing For Profit

    While this is not a new method by any stretch of the imagination, I have put my own spin on it and want to share it with others looking for something similar. I recently read a very basic article on using product reviews to make affiliate profits.

    The basics are in this paragraph, surf to find out the top sellers for expensive products, choose the most popular one and write a review for it and provide affiliate links to the product, in the resources section of the article, or provide a link back to a website where you can provide your affiliate links. Create numerous versions of the article using keyword anchor text and submit it to the top article sites. Sit back and see what happens.

    Here enters my spin on it...I am a member of many of the major affiliate networks and after choosing a product that earned well on the network, decided to create a brand new website. Feel free to visit it here so you can see where I'm going and see the example.

    Rosetta Stone

    If you take a look I was able to not only provide a lot of content, I was also able to include adsense coding on the page, as well as an Ebay auction link along with my affiliate link for the actual product itself. It is only a 1 page site, but I have also made it fully ready for SERP as well. The next step was to write the article which was a basic review of the software itself, and provide the link to this site as the reference material. I have noticed that within a day of submitting a new article whatever site is referenced gets hit by many of the SE bots. Try either method out for yourself, but both do actually work.

    Good luck all.


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