Thursday, October 16, 2008

    Blogging for Profits

    There are many people making money with blogging. There are a variety of ways to blogging for profits and that is what we will discuss here. What is blogging? Well, to explain it in a simple way, blogging is using a free portal to create a format that allows you to write on any topic you want and it allows you to connect with your audience and prospects. You can use the blogging platform to discuss personal things such as going on a vacation and providing pictures of it on your blog so that interested people who visit will want to learn more about your travel.

    Affiliate programs are popular to market on blogs. You can write a post or a review that offers further information about a product or service. The two most popular blog platforms are wordpress and blogger. Wordpress has strict rules about marketing affiliate products so you have to be careful that you don’t over populate your blog with too many stuffed keywords.

    The first thing you should make sure that you do is choosing good niche keyword. I can’t emphasis on this enough. Your keyword choice will determine how much money you make with blogging. Wordtracker and Google Adwords Keyword Tool are two good research tools. Why is keyword so important? This is because keywords suggest what people are really searching for. Keywords will allow you to get on the front page of the search engines easier.

    After you have selected your niche keyword, you are going to use one to create your blog URL. For example, if you searched for “how to lose weight in 7 days,” your blog URL would be or You can also put dashes in between if that keyword phrase has been taken.

    Write your first post and submit it. Use the post URL and submit to social bookmarkers and other social sites. Ping your post URL as well. This will give you lots of back links if you do this on a regular basis and will allow you to maintain your position on the search engine front page.

    Add about three affiliate links into the body of your post. Include at least 5 keywords in the body of the post as well. Add a picture of the product – a picture is worth a thousand words.

    Write articles at least three times per week and be consistent. You will make sales. I promise, but you have to be disciplined and focused.

    Once you start making money with one blog, you can move on to the next, but make sure you don’t take on too much more than you can handle. Add a squidoo lens to your portfolio. This is a static social website that has a high page rank and adds your blog URL to your squidoo page.

    Some of the websites that will propel you to the search engines are, and You can also do adswaps or joint venture or even link swaps to continue to build your presence online.

    Video marketing is the next best thing to making more money with blogging. People love to see it before they can believe it. However, this is a different scope that is covered in another article on my blog at

    Blogging is easy and you can use your knowledge to educate and help people to change their lives.


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