Saturday, October 18, 2008

    Spinning Articles: The Amazing Advantages

    If you are a serious article marketer I am sure you have heard of the term article "spinning". It works by replacing elements of articles, such as whole sentences, single words or even entire paragraphs within a article.Spinning article changes the original words to words with similar meanings to generate the new content from the same article. Using article spinning gives you an advantage because you can target multiple niche markets using the same article. If you are crafty you can generate some quality traffic to your blog or website.

    For example lets use the keyword phrase "website content". I am going to write a paragraph about "website content" but I am going to use article spinning to reach out to two different niche markets The keyword phrases I am going to target are free recreation content" and "free marketing content" I am including an example below what the actual article file would like before the article is published so you can see how the article spinning code is constructed. The code I am showing you here is from one of the automated article software packages I use. I enclosed the brackets with " " so you could see the spin code, otherwise this paragraph would automatically article spin for me.

    "Article Marketing Blog webmasters are you interested in getting 100% free article marketing content to your website or blog automatically every single day?" There's a new article marketing software that distributes " free fishing content to your blog everyday." "Just sign up for free and add your settings information to the article marketing robot and you are ready to go." Then all you do is review the daily free article marketing content that comes to your blog everyday! it's a win win situation for you.

    You notice with just a simple modification in my sentence structure I was able to reach out to two different niches. If you are a bit confused , each time the software publishes to a different blog website it uses one of the phrases in the brackets. Now imagine if I had a 700 word article and i used article spinning on 70% of my sentences. I would have a almost completely new version of my article every time it was submitted to a new website or blog.

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    Mark Fleagle


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