Monday, November 17, 2008

    FirePow Blogging Software

    FirePow Review

    Firstly, there is absolutely no product, software, ebook or membership, that will auto-magically earn you cash - believe it or not, YOU have to do the work YOURSELF - promotion letters love to give the illusion that a product will do everything FOR you but unless you're willing to MAKE IT happen yourself - absolutely no tool is going to do that for you by itself.   Hope we're clear on that!  I expect that this product from Andrew Hansen which has been on the market since May of 2008 called Firepow definitely fits this description.  Particularly because it is indeed a suite of software that does automate certain tasks, it does have the connotation that it will do certain things FOR you... by itself.  So don't fall for this or any other piece of software that claims to do the same - whatever you read, remember that YOU will actually have work to do and if you're not ready to do that then this product or any other won't help you... enough said.

    Ok, now that that's out of my system, we can move on.

    The Pro's for about Firepow so far is that it combines the functions of various pieces of separate software into one 'machine' so to speak - which at the end of the day, is purely a matter of convenience, makes it a good thing.  Less programs on my computer, less icons and general things to think about, and ideally less to do.

    The things it joins together are the tasks of creating, marketing and managing your group of niche blog sites - whether you have one, or a ton of them.

    It performs these functions with the use of WordPress plugins, and features inside a central "control centre", where you can manage any of your network of blog sites - another big convenience factor.

    The plugins are a combination of existing plugins on the web and those created custom for Andrew himself.

    It's these fresh meat plugins that seem to be the big selling point as FirePow promises effects like stealing viral traffic, multiplying your content automatically, and providing the site owner the capacity to get in touch with other site owners for extra leverage.

    Apparently it does everything from create your site (content too) to drive traffic and beyond - a tall order for any program and I guess we'll see whether it delivers. 

    Most of us know that micro-niche blogging with WordPress works but really just haven't put it all together fully yet.  If that's you - Firepow may be worth a look. 


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