Wednesday, November 19, 2008

    Scoutle : Blog Traffic Exchange Program and Social Network.

    Hello EveryOne ,

    Today I am Bringing to you the Program which I am using for about 3 Months Now and it has brought me Extremely Awesome Results and I recommends Scoutle to the Newbie Bloggers who does not receive much Traffic to their Blog.

    Scoutle is online for 6 months already! A complete new version of (Version 2.0) was launched silently September 18th with many (!!!) new and cool features but every day we keep on working hard to implement and process the great suggestions we get through email or the Suggestion Box. There have been so many updates the last few months, you may have missed some!

    Networks are very important within Scoutle so be sure to join or create networks that are related to your blog. Also, promote these networks so you make your own connections stronger and of higher quality.

    General Info:

    Scoutle finds and connects blogs, offering a valuable contribution to the Internet and giving bloggers the appreciation they deserve for all the time, effort and expertise that, in most cases, are offered free of charge.


    Scoutle has been launched May 8th, 2008. After Six months and over Thousands of new users and many feedback, a complete new version of Scoutle was launched in September 2008.
    The development of Scoutle dates back to Oktober 2007 when the first lines of code were written by Godfried van Loo.


    Scoutle would not have been online without:

    * Leaseweb one of the most reliable hosting parties, for sponsoring our startup in the early               stages.
      * Laurance Arcadias and her tutorial "Creating a Walk Cycle in Flash".
      * Mark James and his beautiful icons at
      * Angus Turnbull and his great HTMLHttpRequest
      * Andy Prevost and his great PHPMailer
      * Vladimir and his help with OpenID
      * FireFox and their great browser and inspirational website.
      * for publishing their Terms of Use and Privacy Policy under Creative Commons.
      * reCAPTCHA for their great CAPTCHA solution
      * Thorsten Alofs, Ludmila Victoria Bueno, Renske Dijkwel, Anthony Dixon, Ola Ekvall, Hanneke Havlik, Frank van den Heuvel, Annejet Kok, Henk van Loo, Mushin and Imke Walenberg.
      * Our first users, the early adopters. Without them, we would never have made it so far.

    You just work on the quality of your blog... The Scouts will do the rest.


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